Wannacryv2 Ransomware

What is Wannacryv2 Ransomware?

Wannacryv2 Ransomware is considered to be a copycat of WannaCry Ransomware; however, research conducted by specialists working at anti-spyware-101.com has clearly shown that this malicious application differs from the original threat completely. The only thing that unites them is the fact that they both lock files. Surprisingly, Wannacryv2 Ransomware does not drop a ransom note, and, on top of that, it is impossible to contact its author in order to purchase the decryption tool, which suggests that the ransomware infection is still in development, or it is just a test. Consider yourself lucky – we have a code that can unlock your files. You will have to enter it in the box the program (wanna cry v2 decryptor.exe) this ransomware drops on affected computers contains. You can find the unlock code indicated in our removal guide (you will find it below this article), but do not forget that you still need to eliminate the ransomware infection from your computer yourself – it will not be erased from your system automatically once files are unlocked.testtest

What does Wannacryv2 Ransomware do?

Our researchers suspect that Wannacryv2 Ransomware is still in development, or it has been released for the purposes of testing because it does not drop a ransom note and does not demand money even if it locks files on the affected computer successfully. It only encrypts personal data and displays a small pop-up window with a message once it is finished: “All your files encrypted! By wannacryV2 Spent time on encryption: {time in seconds}.” Wannacryv2 Ransomware encrypts files in almost all directories on the affected computer, but, luckily, it does not touch a single Windows file, so the operating system continues to work normally after the entrance of this malicious application. You will not find a ransom note or a window with a message opened on your Desktop (if the ransomware infection does not get an update), but you will find a program wanna cry v2 decryptor.exe. It opens a small window asking to enter a key to decrypt. This is good news for you – you could unlock your files for free if it ever happens that Wannacryv2 Ransomware infiltrates your computer successfully and locks your personal files. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that all your programs will work normally after the decryption.

N.B If this threat is ever updated and you encounter this new version, you may discover a ransom note demanding a ransom on your PC. Make sure you do not transfer money to malicious software developers in such a case.

Where does Wannacryv2 Ransomware come from?

Since Wannacryv2 Ransomware does not work properly, it should not be distributed very actively, specialists say. If you do not encounter this threat, it does not mean that another similar infection cannot infiltrate your computer. All ransomware infections are distributed similarly. Cyber criminals tend to distribute them via emails. In most cases, threats are spread as attachments and immediately affect users’ computers when they open them. Also, malware might pose as beneficial software, so you should not download software from any suspicious websites for the sake of your system’s safety. Also, we highly recommend that you stay away from random links and advertisements – you will never know where they are going to take you. If you are a completely inexperienced user, it is not very likely that you will ensure the system’s maximum protection against harmful malware all alone. You should entrust your system’s protection to reliable antimalware software in this case.

How to remove Wannacryv2 Ransomware

You do not need to worry about your files – you could unlock them by entering the special unlock code, but you still have to erase the ransomware infection from your computer. Luckily, this threat does not make any significant modifications on affected computers, so its removal should not be a complicated task. Feel free to use our manual removal guide – it will make the removal procedure even easier. Of course, it would be quicker to clean the system using an automated malware remover.

Wannacryv2 Ransomware removal guide

  1. Open wanna cry v2 decryptor.exe.
  2. Enter the unlock code 123qwe.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Delete the malicious file you have launched recently.
  5. Empty Trash. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Wannacryv2 Ransomware*

Stop these Wannacryv2 Ransomware Processes:


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