Volcano Security Suite

What is Volcano Security Suite?

Volcano Security Suite is the latest and greatest threat on the Internet to date. It is currently causing major problems for computer users all over the world. Volcano Security Suite is similar to VolcanoSecuritySuite and it also spreads in a similar manner. Volcano Security Suite will creep onto your machine, when you least expect it, it will do this via certain Vundo Trojans. Volcano Security Suite will present you with a false system scan that will proceed to scan your system for any infections or malicious threats. The truth of the matter is that the only real problem you have is VolcanoSecuritySuite itself, but you may not know this until it is too late.
After it has performed this so called "system scan", it will present you with authentic looking results. These results have been fabricated and created in order to trick you. You will be notified that the Volcano Security Suite scan has picked up malicious viruses and dangerous threats which are running on your machine. Volcano Security Suite will suggest that you remove it and it will even present you with an answer to your problems. The answer to your problems will come to you in the form of a full version which is being offered to you at a small fee. This full version is not real and is in fact fake. The harsh reality of Volcano Security Suite is that it all a set up and none of it is real. The intention and purpose of it, is to frighten users into believing the false scan results in order to purchase the full version and get their money. Hold onto your money and hold onto your computer, by getting rid of VolcanoSecuritySuite as soon as it gets anywhere near your machine.

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