Vista Security 2011

What is Vista Security 2011?

Vista Security 2011, a new rogue antispyware application simply does more harm than good. This harmful rogue is only out to fleece consumers out of their hard earned money, offering no diagnostic or healing properties and is unable to protect systems against any Internet infections or threats. Vista Security 2011 will try and convince consumers otherwise, wanting them to believe that it has the power to remove harmful threats and protect their PCs. Vista Security 2011 is manufactured and distributed by illicit cyber criminals out only to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting consumers. It will try every trick in order to convince consumers of its legitimacy in an effort to conclude a successful sale. In an effort to convince users of the urgency of the “danger” of many fake infections, Vista Security 2011 will bombard the user with bogus security notifications informing him of fake infections running rampant on the system.
Vista Security 2011 will then go on to inform the user that its software is the only application capable of removing these infections. This is exactly where many inexperienced users fall susceptible to these scare tactics and hand over their sensitive billing information to unscrupulous cyber criminals. The only way to limit the damage that Vista Security 2011 can cause to the system is to simply remove Vista Security 2011 as a matter of urgency. Do not underestimate the vitriolic power of an Vista Security 2011 attack. Rather get rid of Vista Security 2011 as a matter of urgency.

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