VisionCrypt Ransomware

What is VisionCrypt Ransomware?

You might detect VisionCrypt Ransomware on your computer one day even though it is not distributed actively, and, according to some researchers, might no longer be working at all. Even if it is true, it does not mean that cyber criminals who developed it cannot start distributing it actively again, so do not be so sure that it is impossible to encounter this infection. Are you reading this article because you have already encountered this ransomware? If the answer is yes, go to delete this threat from your computer right now and do not even think about paying money to get files decrypted. We are against payments to ransomware creators because there are no guarantees that those locked files will be decrypted when they receive money. Even if you could unlock files, a ransomware infection will definitely not be deleted automatically from your computer. To put it differently, transferring money to cyber criminals does not solve all problems.

What does VisionCrypt Ransomware do?

It will not take long to realize that VisionCrypt Ransomware is inside the system even though it enters computers illegally because a window with a message will be opened on Desktop if this threat successfully enters the system. If users start reading the message left for them, they find out immediately that they cannot access their pictures, documents, and others files because they have been locked using AES-128 (an encryption algorithm). To get those all files decrypted, users have to send a ransom to cyber criminals within 48 hours. The amount of money required might vary, but, most likely, you will be asked to transfer “$25 worth of Bitcoins” to the Bitcoin address placed at the bottom of the opened window. It is not enough to send money – users have to send information about the payment to Although victims of VisionCrypt Ransomware are told that their files will be unlocked within 30 minutes, the truth is that you might never get your files back. Because of this, researchers at suggest removing this ransomware infection fully and then trying to unlock files using alternative data recovery methods, e.g. recover files from a backup.

VisionCrypt Ransomware not only encrypts files and opens a window containing a ransom note on Desktop. This infection performs two commands on affected computers too. First, the “Select * from Win32_Processor” command allows it to find out the computer’s architecture, i.e. whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit. Second, it uses the command “cmd.exe /C ping -n 1 –w” to find out whether the computer is connected to the Internet. Last but not least, it might also kill several processes, specialists say.

Where does VisionCrypt Ransomware come from?

It seems that VisionCrypt Ransomware is no longer distributed actively, but, of course, the situation might change one day. If cyber criminals start disseminating this infection actively again, it will, most probably, be spread just like other ransomware-type infections. That is, it will be spread inside spam emails. Users will see a link there which will download this infection on their PCs, or they will allow it to enter their computers themselves by opening attachments they find in these emails. It is one of the most frequently used dissemination methods, but it is, without a doubt, not the only one, so VisionCrypt Ransomware could have entered your PC illegally somehow differently. For example, it could have been dropped by a Trojan. Although ransomware infections are serious threats which are not that easy to prevent from sneaking onto the computer, there is a way to ensure the overall system safety – install security software and enable it on your computer.

How do I remove VisionCrypt Ransomware?

You should start the VisionCrypt Ransomware removal process by killing the process of this ransomware infection – this is necessary to remove its window from Desktop. Then, you should delete recently downloaded files to get rid of the executable file of ransomware. If you cannot find it anywhere, it would be best to perform a system scan with a reputable automatic scanner. You will need to scan your PC with it once to get it cleaned. Keep in mind that an automatic malware remover cannot unlock files for you either.

Remove VisionCrypt Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously.
  2. Click on the Processes tab to open it.
  3. Right-click on the process of VisionCrypt Ransomware (it might have these names: Visioncrypt.exe and VisionCryptor.exe).
  4. Select End Process and close the Task Manager.
  5. Open the Windows Explorer (tap Win+E).
  6. Open these directories one by one: %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, and %USERPROFILE%\Desktop.
  7. Remove all suspicious files.
  8. Empty the Recycle bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of VisionCrypt Ransomware*

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