Virus Doctor

What is Virus Doctor?

Virus Doctor (VirusDoctor) is a fake spyware remover. Virus Doctor sneaks into your computer system to use all mean necessary to empty your pockets. Virus Doctor will try to scare you with fake messages, as well as, bogus scans and scan results stating that you have been infected with spyware to push you into buying the full Virus Doctor to solve your spyware problems.
Virus Doctor's fake alerts may read:

"An unidentified program tries to access your computer"

"Malicious applications which can contain trojans found on your PC need to be immediately removed. Click here to remove these potentially harmful items immediately with Virus Doctor"

"An unauthorized program has been prevented from accessing your PC.#Port:433 from"

If you buy Virus Doctor's full version, it promises to get rid of the supposed threats, but remember that Virus Doctor is the threat itself. Do not be tricked by Virus Doctor's trustworthy name, Virus Doctor is just another scam created to steal YOUR money!

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  1. Thank you. I got scared because it popped up, but normally those things happen. So I wanted to check online. It was also weird, because when I tried to get out of it, my own computer told me that there still could be viruses or what not on my computer, because of the ad.
    But I do have a thought for this, it's still an advertisment right? So then, why doesn't it have advertisement on the screen? I think that's why it starts to scare people.

  2. I have a mac, and my brother says they're supposed to be virus free as long as you don't download anything bad? Which I haven't downloaded anything. But, I got this message on my computer saying " Alert! Your PC is at risk of virus and spyware attack. Your system requires immediate check! System Security Scanner will perform a quick and free scan of your PC for viruses and spyware programs" And the only option is to click "OK" and there's another window that's minimized and the exit resize and hide features aren't highlighted and I can't close out of it. It did something to my safari though, I can't open it, and except for "services" "hide safari" "hide others" "select all" "find" "spelling and grammar" "text encoding" and my "bookmarks bar" are available to click. I tried shutting down my computer but it said that I couldn't because safari is open.
    I duplicated my safari and this one works fine- but again, it won't let me delete the other safari due to it being open.
    How can I close it?
    What should I do?

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