VindowsLocker Ransomware

What is VindowsLocker Ransomware?

VindowsLocker Ransomware is another file-encrypting infection that has been developed by cyber criminals. According to specialists at, this threat has, most probably, been developed by amateurs judging from its overall quality, so it might be very true that it will not become very prevalent. Of course, it does not mean that it is not dangerous. Specialists say that this infection might become your worst nightmare because it is capable of encrypting users’ personal data. Unlike other ransomware infections we have covered recently, it does not ask users to send a certain amount of money in Bitcoins for getting those files back. Instead, it asks them to contact the “Microsoft support technician” by dialing the telephone number 1-844-609-3192. Even though the Microsoft name is used in the ransom note VindowsLocker Ransomware opens on Desktop, this corporation has nothing to do with this threat. Therefore, there is no point in dialing the provided telephone number either. What users should do instead of trying to reach the so-called technicians is to delete VindowsLocker Ransomware fully from the system. Since this process will not be very easy, we suggest reading this article carefully.test

What does VindowsLocker Ransomware do?

VindowsLocker Ransomware is distributed through spam emails mainly, so it is not surprising that it often enters computers unnoticed. Once it is inside the computer, it starts encrypting files it finds on the system. It encrypts a number of files with different extensions by replacing these original extensions with .vindows, for example, picture.jpg becomes picture.vindows. Unfortunately, it uses the AES encryption algorithm to encrypt those files, which means that it might even be impossible to unlock those files without the key. Most probably, you will be offered to purchase this key if you call the provided telephone number and pay $349.99. We hope you understand that it is very risky to send money to people you have contacted by dialing the telephone number provided. In fact, it might be very true that cyber criminals are waiting for users at the other end of the line. Believe us; they might take your money but do not unlock files for you. On top of that, they might ask you to provide personal details, which means that your privacy might be violated too since these details might be sold to third parties. As a consequence, you should not even bother contacting the so-called technical support

Unfortunately, it might be impossible to unlock files ciphered with AES. Even though there is not much hope, we suggest using free data recovery software. There are many free tools on the web that might help you. Alternatively, people who have created backups of their important files can move them from external storage to their computers easily after the VindowsLocker Ransomware removal. In this case, they do not even need to use a free data recovery tool. This shows again the importance of creating backups periodically.

Where does VindowsLocker Ransomware come from?

Ransomware infections are sneaky threats that usually find how to enter computers illegally. Of course, we cannot say that users do not help these infections to enter their computers. Research carried out by specialists has shown that VindowsLocker Ransomware has, most probably, entered the computer because there has been a spam email attachment opened. Spam emails which contain ransomware and other malicious applications as attachments do not look harmful at all at first glance. This explains why people often open these emails fearlessly. Never do that again because you might infect your computer with dangerous malicious software. Security specialists also say that users have to install a reputable security application on their computers to feel completely safe.

How do I delete VindowsLocker Ransomware?

The removal of the ransomware infection does not mean that files it has locked will be unlocked, but it is still a must to eliminate it as soon as possible in order not to let it encrypt files again. Also, the deletion of this threat is the only way to eliminate the irritating window opened on Desktop. It is possible to close this window by clicking X, but you might see it in the same place after the system restart again. It should not be too hard to delete VindowsLocker Ransomware if you have ever tried deleting software. Of course, it is recommended to use an automatic malware remover, e.g. SpyHunter to eliminate all the threats if you are not very experienced, you do not have time, you cannot find the malicious file yourself, or wish to erase all other malicious components from the computer all at once.

Remove VindowsLocker Ransomware manually

  1. Locate the malicious file launched (check Desktop, %TEMP%, and %USERPROFILE%\Downloads).
  2. Delete it.
  3. Clear the Recycle bin.
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