What is VideozSearchs?

It is important that you pay attention to everything that you install, and that includes extensions. VideozSearchs is one of those extensions that can appear to be pretty useful and interesting at first but then prove to be both useless and unreliable. If you have this PUP (potentially unwanted program) installed on your Google Chrome browser already, know that there are several reasons why you should consider removing it. If you are currently researching this extension because you are interested in using it, we hope that you will understand why doing that would not be a great idea by the time you are done reading this report. Our research team has thoroughly inspected this PUP, and so we can help you get rid of it. If you want to delete VideozSearchs right away, scroll down to the last section to learn how. If you have a few minutes to spare, continue reading.test

How does VideozSearchs work?

We knew a lot about VideozSearchs before it was tested in our internal lab, and that is because it is a clone of SearchAholic, SearchSeries, SearchWizard, and many other unreliable extensions that were created by webcoapps. Currently, the name of the creator is not revealed anywhere, but the PUP is promoted in the same way, and it also works exactly like all other webcoapps extensions. Officially, these extensions are represented via the Chrome Web Store, and VideozSearchs can also be found on this platform, at Unfortunately, many Chrome users mistakenly assume that every single extension found in this platform is genuine and trustworthy. That is not the case, and you need to be more careful. Of course, it is much better to use this platform than some bundled downloader represented via an unfamiliar website, because bundles can carry more serious threats, and you are unlikely to face those if you use the Chrome Web Store. Needless to say, if you have installed the PUP along with other programs, check them to see if you might need to remove them.

Regardless of how you install VideozSearchs, it always does the same thing: It changes the default search provider ( and the New Tab page ( While the default search provider does not have an interface, the New Tab page does, and it offers free widgets along with a search dialog box. These widgets are meant to distract you from the fact that VideozSearchs redirects to Yahoo Search. Millions of people around the world rely on this popular search engine to help surf the web, and so the users of the PUP might also assume that the service is legitimate. Unfortunately, the PUP can modify the results you see to include its own links, and that automatically makes the results questionable. It is known that the PUP tracks browsing history, collects user information, and shares data with unlisted third parties, and that is why this search tool is considered to be extremely suspicious. Ultimately, it offers nothing besides the free widgets, and they are not exclusive to the extension. You can find alternatives online.

How to delete VideozSearchs

We strongly recommend removing VideozSearchs because this extension does not offer anything useful. Yes, it can help you add numbers, convert currency, or even convert PDF files, but its main service is supposed to be web browsing, and it cannot offer much there. All that this PUP can do is redirect to Yahoo Search, and because the results that you are shown are modified, our recommendation is that you do not click on anything. That is because you could end up clicking on links injected by the PUP and not on links that you would normally find using Yahoo Search. The sponsored links could belong to virtually anyone, and since we have no information about who the PUP works with, we have to consider all scenarios. If you wish to delete VideozSearchs manually, the guide below will help you. However, if there are other threats on your system, and if you want to establish full-time protection, installing anti-malware software is best.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools -> Extensions.
  4. Remove the PUP.
  5. Simultaneously tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
  6. Click the Advanced tab.
  7. Select a time range.
  8. Choose the boxes you want.
  9. Click the Clear data button. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of VideozSearchs*

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