VegaLocker Ransomware

What is VegaLocker Ransomware?

VegaLocker Ransomware is a malicious program that enciphers files with a robust cryptosystem. The purpose of doing so is to lock files the user might want to get back at all costs, e.g., photos, various documents, and so on. Soon after encryption, the malware should show a ransom note demanding to pay for decryption. The hackers do not name the price for their decryption tools, but whatever it is, we would not recommend paying it if you hate the idea your savings could be lost in vain. It could happen as cybercriminals cannot be trusted, and there is a possibility they might scam you. Therefore, we believe the safest option is to eliminate the malware. To erase VegaLocker Ransomware manually, you could follow the removal instructions provided below. As for users who prefer automatic features, we would advise deleting the threat with a legitimate antimalware tool. For more details about the malicious application, we invite you to read our full report.testtest

Where does VegaLocker Ransomware come from?

In many cases, users receive malicious applications because they rush things and give way to curiosity. Our researchers at say VegaLocker Ransomware could slip in after launching some suspicious email attachment sent by someone you do not know or after running a software installer downloaded from an unreliable web page. Meaning, the malicious application might travel with various data coming from untrustworthy sources. Thus, to keep your computer safe from threats like VegaLocker Ransomware, you should not interact with files if you are not one hundred percent sure they are malware-free. To be certain, it is best to scan doubtful data with a legitimate antimalware tool that could determine whether it is carrying anything harmful.

How does VegaLocker Ransomware work?

To distract the user from what is happening, the malware may show a warning saying there is a problem with the Windows. At the same time, VegaLocker Ransomware should drop a file called temp.txt in the %TEMP% folder. It seems the created text document is supposed to contain a VBS script that the threat might use for gathering information about the computer it infects. Soon after the file performs its task, the malware should delete it. Next, the malicious application is supposed to erase all Shadow copies to make it impossible to restore data from these copies. Then, the threat ought to start encrypting photos, databases, game saves, and other victim’s personal data. Since such files become locked with a strong encryption algorithm, the computer cannot read them anymore, which is why the victim should be unable to open them.

Soon enough VegaLocker Ransomware ought to drop a text file named Your files are now encrypted.txt. Inside of it victims should find a ransom note written in the Russian language. In fact, the warning we mentioned earlier should be written in Russian as well, which is why it is likely the threat could be distributed in countries where people speak the language. Moreover, the note claims there are decryption tools that can unlock the malicious application’s affected files, but the victim has to pay for them. It does not say how much the ransom is, but provide a couple of email addresses for contacting the cybercriminals. As suggested earlier, you might get scammed, which is why we do not advise dealing with hackers.

How to erase VegaLocker Ransomware?

If you decide you want to remove VegaLocker Ransomware from your computer, we can offer the deletion instructions located below this paragraph. They will show how to restart the computer into Safe Mode with Networking and then erase data associated with the malicious application manually. We recommend using Safe Mode because the threat blocks Task Manager and without Task Manager it would be difficult to kill the malware’s process and eliminate its launcher. Once the computer is in Safe Mode with Networking, you could employ a legitimate antimalware tool and let it remove the malicious application for you too.

Reboot your PC in Safe Mode with Networking

Windows 8/Windows 10

  1. Tap Windows key+I and press the Power button.
  2. Click and hold the Shift key, pick Restart.
  3. Pick Troubleshoot from the Advanced Options menu.
  4. Select Startup Settings, pick Restart, then click the F5 key and restart the computer.

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Go to Start and select the Shutdown options.
  2. Select Restart, then click and hold the F8 key as soon as the computer begins restarting.
  3. Choose from Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking in the Advanced Boot Options window.
  4. Press Enter and log on.

Get rid of VegaLocker Ransomware

  1. Press Windows key+E.
  2. Navigate to these locations:
  3. Find the malware’s launcher (suspicious file opened when the system got infected), right-click it and choose Delete.
  4. Find a document titled Your files are now encrypted.txt, right-click it and select Delete.
  5. Close File Explorer and empty Recycle Bin.
  6. Reboot the computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of VegaLocker Ransomware*

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