What is is a strange name for a search tool, don’t you think? Well, the thing is that it is not a search tool at all. Although this website provides a search dialog box, original search results are not produced. Instead, this “search tool” redirects you to Google Search. According to Anti-Spyware-101 researchers, all search queries are redirected via It represents Google Custom Search, and the results shown via it could possibly be modified and include sponsored links. Obviously, we do not recommend interacting with the search results shown to you. The uselessness of this “search” tool is the first reason for you to remove it from your Google Chrome browser. If you are trying to eliminate it from other web browsers, let us known in the comments section below, and we will assist you. Luckily, deleting is not that difficult, and we are sure you will succeed even if you are inexperienced.test

How does work?

According to our researchers, was created by the same company based in Russia as other recently discovered browser hijackers, including and These hijackers have at least one thing in common, and that thing is quite big: They do not disclose any information. Is it weird that a search tool is hiding information about itself? Whether it is hiding information or it was not prepared at all, you simply cannot trust a service that is not supported by legal information. If you have even reviewed any privacy policy, you know that this document reveals a lot of useful details. Although in some cases, privacy policies could be misleading and deceptive, in most cases, they reveal the truth. Do you care how uses tracking tools and how they can store or share information about you? Do you care if this hijacker is affiliated with malicious parties and aggressive advertisers? These are the things that you need to care about because your virtual security might depend on them. So, if you have no way of accessing legal information, we believe that you cannot trust the service/program.

Considering that is not the kind of piece of software that users would be desperate to install, we think that it is most likely to be bundled with more attractive programs. Software bundles are usually promoted via file-sharing sites, but we have seen more and more bundles to be spread via misleading pop-up advertisements. Whatever the case might be, there is a great chance that unwanted software has slithered into your operating system along with the hijacker. Sure, it is possible that this software is harmless, but you should not just assume that. Instead of guessing and hoping for the best, install a trusted malware scanner to help you uncover threats; if they exist. If you are not sure which scanner to trust – which is smart, considering that there are many unreliable and even malicious scanners – we advise clicking the Download link below. This scanner is reliable and free.

How to delete

We are sure that you are ready to remove from your Google Chrome browser. Considering that this hijacker is likely to enter bundled with an extension, our removal guide shows how to erase extensions and change the homepage URL. Obviously, if other threats exist, you will have to take additional steps to clean your operating system. If you are unable to get rid of all threats manually, the best to do is install an automated malware removal tool. Have you downloaded the free malware scanner that we have recommended previously? Although the scanner is free, you can upgrade it to work as anti-malware tool that will both automatically erase existing threats and keep your operating system malware-free in the future. Please do not forget to use the comments section below to ask us any questions and share your experiences.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open the browser and then tap keys Alt+F to open a menu.
  2. Click More tools and then go to Extensions.
  3. Remove the unwanted extension by clicking the recycling bin.
  4. Go to the menu on the left and click Settings.
  5. In the On Startup menu select Open a specific page or set of pages.
  6. Click Set pages and overwrite the hijacker’s URL. Click OK.
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