Uselessdisk Ransomware

What is Uselessdisk Ransomware?

Uselessdisk Ransomware is a malicious application that displays a black window with a message claiming that files have been encrypted and, because of this, the victim must pay a ransom if he/she wishes to get those files back. We can assure you that this is a complete lie – your files have not been encrypted, but it does not mean that the entrance of this malicious application is not a serious problem. As has been observed during the analysis carried out by specialists at, instead of encrypting users’ personal files like a bunch of ransomware infections do, Uselessdisk Ransomware rewrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) and corrupts the partition table of the hard drive, making the recovery of the hard drive a hard task. Petya Ransomware is another example of ransomware infections modifying the MBR; however, in case of the entrance of this threat, users can undo the damage caused by the ransomware infection using the Windows repair tool that can be found on the OS installation disc. Unfortunately, Uselessdisk Ransomware is a harsher malicious application.test

What does Uselessdisk Ransomware do?

Without a doubt, cyber criminals developed Uselessdisk Ransomware and now use it as a tool to extract money from victims even though it slightly differs from the majority of ransomware infections that specialists discover these days.  The fact that the ransomware infection displays a ransom note that tells users to send $300 worth of Bitcoin for the “decryption service” clearly shows that its author only wants money. As mentioned at the beginning, your files have not been encrypted, but it does not mean that you could access them because the ransomware infection has already modified the MBR on your computer if you see the ransom note. Unfortunately, it cannot be repaired easily. The only way to do that is to reinstall the Windows OS. This means that you will lose your files too if you do not have their copies. Researchers are 99% sure that users will not change anything by transferring money to cyber criminals behind this ransomware infection. That is, crooks will not fix the corrupted partition table in the hard drive. It would be impossible to do that even if the author of the ransomware infection wanted to repair the computer, specialists say. Because of this, if you ever encounter Uselessdisk Ransomware, do not even think about sending money to cyber criminals. Instead, go to reinstall your Windows OS so that you could continue using your computer normally. You will delete Uselessdisk Ransomware from your system by doing that too. Make sure you do not encounter a new ransomware infection in the future – do not keep your system unprotected. We know one simple way how to ensure the system’s maximum protection so that new harmful infections could not infiltrate the computer – install a security application.

Where does Uselessdisk Ransomware come from?

Uselessdisk Ransomware is not as popular as, for example, WannaCry Ransomware that has already affected thousands of computers, but specialists working in the cybersecurity department already know how this malicious application is distributed. It has been observed that it is mainly spread via spam emails. Users are the ones who allow it to enter their computers by opening malicious attachments spam emails hold. Also, it might pretend to be a crack or a keygen, so users who download and use such tools should be extremely cautious. We do not try to say here that users should stop downloading software from the web completely, but we highly recommend having security software enabled on the system. It is the easiest way to stay safe.

How to remove Uselessdisk Ransomware

As you already know, you will need to reinstall your Windows OS if you have encountered Uselessdisk Ransomware because it modifies the MBR together with the partition table of the hard drive. Once you do that, the ransomware infection will be gone from your system too, meaning that you will not need to do anything else to get rid of it. As mentioned previously, paying money to the author of Uselessdisk Ransomware will not be an effective solution to the problem. Keep in mind that a similar threat might easily infiltrate your computer again, so do not leave your system unprotected after reinstalling your OS. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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