Unlock92 Ransomware

What is Unlock92 Ransomware?

Unlock92 Ransomware was created by the developers of the infamous KozyJozy Ransomware. Both of these malicious infections target users who speak Russian, and so it is likely that its victims will be located in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other Russian-speaking countries. At the moment, this malware is primarily spread via corrupted spam emails that contain malicious attachments. If you open the attachment, the infection is automatically executed, and the encryption of files begins. The encryption key is created along with the decryption key; however, it is hidden from users. Due to this, your files will become “unreadable” until you obtain the key. Needless to say, cyber criminals use this opportunity to make a profit, and they set out to demand a crazy sum of money from you. The problem is that many users find their files irreplaceable, and they are willing to pay the money. Continue reading to learn why paying the ransom is a bad idea, as well as how to remove Unlock92 Ransomware.test

How does Unlock92 Ransomware work?

Unsurprisingly, Unlock92 Ransomware primarily spreads via corrupted e-mails; however, different kinds of methods could be used to infect computers with this malware, so be careful. Once the attack is initiated, the ransomware creates two files. One of these files is called “keyvalue.bin” (or “key.bin), and it contains your private key that cyber criminals can identify you by. The ransomware also creates a TXT file with a completely random name that includes characters from the Cyrillic alphabet. The sample we have tested did not create an image file that would replace the Desktop wallpaper, or that would be introduced via a pop-up window, but it is possible that different versions of this threat will use that to deliver the demands. At the moment, only the TXT file delivers these demands, and it orders the victims of the Unlock92 Ransomware to email Unlock92@india.com. Alex.vlasov@aol.com Ransomware, Green_ray Ransomware, and many other infamous infections use the same email provider (but different addresses) to set up communication between cyber criminals and their victims.

The intimidating TXT file created by Unlock92 Ransomware orders you to send one of the infected files along with the key.bin file to the provided email address. The message within the file also warns that any attempts to decrypt files would lead to their damage (“опытки самостоятельно расшифровать файлы приведут к их безвозвратной порче!”). Obviously, you will not get the decryption key if you email cyber criminals. Instead, you will be sent instructions on what to do to get this key, and you can rest assured that paying a ridiculous amount of money will be one of the steps. Anti-Spyware-101.com malware analysts warn that cyber criminals are not to be trusted. Are you sure that you will get the decryption key you need once you pay the ransom? We are not sure about this. In fact, the victims of many other ransomware infections have reported being scammed, which is a possibility with Unlock92 Ransomware as well. In the best case scenario, your files would be unlocked, and the “.blocked” (or “.CRRRT” or “.CCCRRRPPP”) extension would be lifted. In the worst case scenario, you would lose your money, and your files would remain inaccessible. Unfortunately, the RSA-2048 encryption is impossible to crack, and it might seem as if you have no other option but to risk your savings, but there are a few things to consider first.

How to remove Unlock92 Ransomware

According to our research, some versions of the Unlock92 Ransomware can be cracked using third-party, legitimate file decryption software. If you try looking for a legitimate decrypter – which is what we recommend – make sure you do not install bogus software created to scam you. If you use an external drive or a storage cloud to back up your files, you do not need to worry about the decryption at all. All in all, whether or not you retrieve your files, you must delete Unlock92 Ransomware from your PC, and we suggest implementing anti-malware software. There are at least two reasons why you should use this software. First of all, anti-malware software guarantees full malware removal. Second, this software also guarantees full-time protection, which you, obviously, need. In fact, we recommend installing this software even if you choose the manual removal route. To proceed manually, you need to identify the malicious components, and you can use a free malware scanner for that.

Removal Guide

  1. Right-click the malicious .exe file and select Delete to eliminate it.
  2. Delete every copy of the malicious TXT file.
  3. Download a trusted malware scanner to check for leftovers.
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