Unit09 Ransomware

What is Unit09 Ransomware?

Sometimes when we get infected with malware, there isn’t much we can do about it. For example, Unit09 Ransomware is a malicious infection that looks like it wants you to pay a ransom fee in order to restore your files, but the program cannot do that because it is essentially a wiper. It means that it destroys your files, and you basically need to start anew.

Before you do that, however, please make sure that you remove Unit09 Ransomware from your system. If you need any assistance with that, do not hesitate to invest in a legitimate antispyware tool.test

Where does Unit09 Ransomware come from?

It is very likely that this program spreads through spam email messages like most of the ransomware infections. Spam emails carry ransomware installers are attachments. The most frustrating thing is that these attachments often look like reliable files that users must open immediately.

Spam email adopts urgent tone to push user into opening these dangerous files. For example, it might look that the message delivers some shopping invoice or a financial document. The message in the spam email will tell you to open the file and check it immediately. However, by opening the file in question, you would automatically initiate the download and perhaps even the installation of Unit09 Ransomware (or any other similar infection for that matter).

Thus, it is possible to avoid getting infected with ransomware if you are aware of its distribution patterns. Whenever you encounter emails with attachments from unknown senders, you should think twice before opening the attachments. If, for whatever reason, you think that you must open the file, you can always use a licensed security application to scan it. If your security tool doesn’t find anything suspicious about the file, then it is safe to open it. At the same time, scanning downloaded files before opening would definitely help you avoid getting infected with various programs.

What does Unit09 Ransomware do?

Normally, a ransomware infection runs a system scan looking for the files it can encrypt. After that, it launches the encryption that locks up the most of the user’s files and demands a ransom fee for a decryption key.

Unit09 Ransomware, on the other hand, does not work exactly like that. As mentioned, the infection is virtually a wiper, so it “wipes” your files and then leaves you to it.

The malicious code is coded in the .NET language, and the file itself is merely 8KB. When a ransomware program scrambles all the files, it has to generate an encryption key that can, later on, be used to get the decryption key. However, Unit09 Ransomware does not do anything of the kind. The program only overwrites the affected files with random bytes. As a result, it is not possible to recover the affected files unless you have a file backup. This is one of the many reasons computer security experts always emphasize the importance of system backup. You should save copies of your files either on an external hard drive or a cloud drive because you can never know what might happen to your system.

What’s more, Unit09 Ransomware also adds an appendix to all the affected files. For example, flower.jpeg changes into flower.jpeg.UNIT09. The infection also drops a ransom note into every affected folder. The $!READ ME.txt document reads as follows:

Dear [username], Thanks for being part of UNIT-109
But sadly its time to go. Sent $10 in BTS to [Bitcoin wallet address]
Your files will be unrecoverable in 72 hours. Be quick ;)

So, even though it is a wiper, it still demands a ransom. Needless to say, it is not possible to restore your files even if you were to pay the ransom fee. Hence, keep your money to yourself and remove Unit09 Ransomware right now.

How do I remove Unit09 Ransomware?

The program does not drop any additional files, so you just need to remove the installer file when you get down to deleting Unit09 Ransomware for good. You will also have to delete all the ransom note files from every affected folder. If you do not want to do that on your own, you can leave it to a reliable antispyware application. Do all it takes to remove every single trace of Unit09 Ransomware from your system.

Manual Unit09 Ransomware Removal

  1. Open the Downloads folder.
  2. Remove the most recently downloaded files*.
  3. Delete all the ransom note files.
  4. Scan your computer with SpyHunter.

* In some cases, the malware installer filename can be MewWare.exe, but it is not universal. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Unit09 Ransomware*

Stop these Unit09 Ransomware Processes:

Unit09 Ransom.exe

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