Twisted Search

What is Twisted Search?

Twisted Search is offered to Google Chrome users as an extension that provides “The best way to search.” However, our researchers doubt that the application’s provided search engine is any different from search engines that are offered by similar potentially unwanted programs. The extension was placed in the potentially unwanted programs category because it might have undesirable qualities. This is why, we advise users to do a thorough research before installing this extension to make sure that its working manner will not disappoint them later. If you think it is a good idea too, we encourage you to read the rest of this article, in which, we talk about how the add-on could work, how it could be spread, and how it could be erased. We should also mention that we provide deletion instructions at the end of the text that show how to remove Twisted Search from your browser.test

Where does Twisted Search come from?

Some might download Twisted Search from Chrome Web Store page or its homepage (, but it is possible that it could be encountered on file-sharing web pages and advertisements. That is because many potentially unwanted programs travel with bundled installers and pop-up ads. Thus, you might encounter such applications both on reliable and questionable websites. Consequently, we recommend being attentive when you pick new tools. You should never install programs if you are not entirely sure that they are reputable. Of course, downloading software from legitimate websites only will lessen your chances to encounter potentially unwanted programs and malicious applications too.

How does Twisted Search work?

Twisted Search might change your default search engine. To be more precise, it might replace it with a website called Our researchers at say that the potentially unwanted program's presented search engine might redirect to a modified Yahoo search tool. It means that the results you see could be influenced by the extension and be different from what you would see if you entered the same search keywords in the original

Moreover, users ought to know that Twisted Search could ask you to allow it to “Read your browsing history.” As a result, the add-on might be able to see what you search for, what websites you visit, what products or services interest you, and so on. Such information could be used for personalization purposes, for example, to present tailored advertisements, although we cannot know this for sure. Since some users consider browsing history to be private, they might not like the idea that the extension may need to access it. Consequently, such functionality might be undesirable. If you cannot tolerate such behavior, you could erase this potentially unwanted program.

How to erase Twisted Search?

First you could try to delete Twisted Search while following the instructions available at the end of this paragraph. They show how to remove the unwanted add-on directly from your browser. If the task seems too complicated or you want to use a security tool, we recommend employing a legitimate antimalware tool that could erase Twisted Search for you. Lastly, if you want to ask anything about this extension or need more help with its deletion, do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comments section below.

Eliminate Twisted Search

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F.
  3. Pick More tools and select Extensions.
  4. Find Twisted Search.
  5. Press Remove and select Remove.
  6. Relaunch the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Twisted Search*

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