Trust Soldier

What is Trust Soldier?

Trust Soldier is new on the Internet and is targeting victims everywhere. Trust Soldier or TrustSoldier plays on innocent computer users lack of knowledge with regard to computer security. Trust Soldier creates a scam and hopes that you fall for it. Trust Soldier enters your computer through a Trojan without your knowledge and then does a fake security scan. The security scan results will alert you that you have dangerous things running on your machine and that you should remove it immediately. Trust Soldier will tell you that the only real way to remove it effectively is to use an Trust Soldier antispyware removal program, which it will then present you with one. Trust Soldier will ask you to pay for this full version that promises to remove all the malicious things from your machine. Do not fall for this as it is a scam, don't purchase or download anything. If you should get Trust Soldier on your system, then you need to make it go away as soon as possible.

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  1. The above solutions didn’t work for me as the Trojan stopped me installing any software, getting on the internet, searching for files OR restoring to a later date. After 5 hours I fixed it by restarting windows in SAFE MODE then restoring windows to a point before the infection. I then installed Malwarebytes anti-malware and it found the infection and isolated it. I also ran my virus checker AFTER malwarebytes. I hope this saves you the 5 hours messing around with regit etc!!! God bless the Queen – The English

  2. I had trustsoldier but uninstalled it with "uninstall" in the trustsoldier foulder. Obviously it didn´t get removed so I wonder what to do now? I don´t have the program but still have the pop-ups/fake control center. Please answer me!


  3. Victoria Vasquez

    I purchased this I've been trying to get a do i do this?

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