Trust Cop

What is Trust Cop?

Trust Cop needs to be avoided at all costs literally. Trust Cop or TrustCop is a trick in order to get you to purchase the full version. Trust Cop is going to cost you money and many problems. Don't spend a cent on this and don't be fooled by any of it. Trust Cop is a clone of dozen other programs (SecureWarrior)that look exactly the same and will present you with false security notifications which will appear very similar to the real thing. Trust Cop will run a false security scan that will look very similar to a real one. You will not know the difference and it is important for you not to be fooled. The only way you are going to know it is fake is by the name. If the name has anything to do with TrustCop, then you need to stay as far away from this as you can.
You should not buy the full version under any circumstances. No matter how many threats the scan report says is running on your computer, don't be fooled. This is all fake and so is the offer of a full version which promises to fix your computer. Trust Cop is all one big malicious scam which has been created in order to get you to part with your hard earned money. Don't be the next victim, instead remove Trust Cop if you think it is anywhere near your computer.

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