What is Trojan.Redgamble?

You do not want Trojan.Redgamble invading your operating system because if it does, it can steal highly personal information in a completely clandestine manner. This infection does not need to trick you into giving this information up, as it can use its own elements to steal this information illegally. According to research team, the infection can record data and capture screenshots to obtain even more information. The strange thing is that this malicious infection appears to have been created for the collection of very specific information. Do you play online gambling games, such as poker? If you do, you are the target of this Trojan. Of course, we cannot refute the possibility that other types of personal information could not be recorded by the infection, and that gives an additional push to remove it. Are you afraid you cannot delete Trojan.Redgamble from your operating system manually? Do not worry about this. We’ve got you. Of course, if we fail to answer all your questions in this report, you can always post your comments below.

How does Trojan.Redgamble work?

You must be wondering how the malicious Trojan.Redgamble managed to invade your operating system, and that is a very important question to address. Clearly, your operating system is not as protected as you might have believed it to be if malware can slither in without your notice. While there are many different ways for malware to attack, and cyber attackers keep thinking of new malware distribution methods, there are some that are used more often. For example, you must already know that unreliable installers/downloaders can be used to spread malware. All it takes is to tick the user into thinking that an app, software crack, scanner, video streaming tool, file converter, or any other file they are installing is legitimate, and that is not hard to do, especially if familiar logos and irresistible offers are made. Trojan.Redgamble could also be distributed with the help of misleading spam emails. It is important to consider the possibility that other infections are involved too. If you have discovered that you need to delete the Trojan, it is most likely that you did that with the help of a malware scanner. If you haven’t inspected your operating system yet, we suggest doing it right away to find out if you need to worry about the removal of other threats that might be downloading malware.

As mentioned earlier, information about your gaming activity (e.g., name of the game room, type of the game, host server, or user profile information) can be recorded Trojan.Redgamble, and the infection can also capture screenshots to gather sensitive information. All of this is done silently, and so you are unlikely to notice anything suspicious going on. Of course, if you are denied access to your gambling accounts, or if you discover that funds are removed from your account, you should suspect that something is going on. Whenever you notice anything suspicious, you must not ignore it because your virtual security might be on the line here. First and foremost, scan your system to check if you need to remove malware. Next, change the password to your gaming account, if it is possible. Finally, contact the website’s administrator or even the law enforcement – depending on your situation – to contain the situation.

How to delete Trojan.Redgamble

We offer instructions to remove Trojan.Redgamble manually, but you must take into consideration that different versions of this infection might exist. Due to this, manual removal might not be feasible. And that is okay. Anti-malware software can automatically detect and delete Trojan.Redgamble along with other threats that might have invaded your operating system. It is most important, of course, that this software can keep your operating system protected against Trojans and other kinds of malware in the future. This is, without a doubt, the most important reason to install reliable anti-malware software; even if you decide to eliminate the infection on your own.

Removal Instructions

N.B. Different versions of Trojan.Redgamble appear to exist, and the removal process might be different for you. If you are not able to get rid of the infection manually, do not hesitate to use anti-malware software.

  1. Tap Win+E to launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Type %programfiles% into the bar at the top (depending on Windows version, %programfiles(x86)%).
  3. Right-click and Delete these folders with POKEN and GOSTOPsub-folders inside:
  4. Tap Win+R to launch RUN and then enter regedit.exe to launch Registry Editor.
  5. Move to HKEY_USERS\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  6. Right-click and Delete a Trojan value called SvcMicroAfters.
  7. Close all windows and then Empty Recycle Bin.
  8. Install a trusted malware scanner and run a system scan to check for leftovers. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Trojan.Redgamble*

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