What is Trojan.Pondfull?

Trojan.Pondfull is a generic Trojan infection that can perform quite a few functions on your computer. The main problem with Trojan infections is that users often are not aware of the fact they are infected. Trojans remain hidden in the background, and work silently. Unless they take a lot of system resources, it might take months for you to notice anything. Thus, to remove Trojan.Pondfull as soon as possible, you have to run regular system scans, so you could locate and delete the infection at once. It is also highly probable that there will be more infections on-board, so do yourself a favor and clean your system through and through.

Where does Trojan.Pondfull come from?

Our research team suggests that this Trojan spreads through games and program cracks. It means that there is always a chance that you could get infected with malware if you download software from file-sharing websites. Normally, we buy programs from their official vendors. However, sometimes users may be inclined to get a certain program for free via p2p network or in some other way. This is where the danger appears. There is no guarantee that these program packages are totally safe. It is very often that users infect their systems with Trojan.Pondfull and other similar malware when they think they are about to install some new application.

What’s more, you should be really careful about the messages you receive from unknown senders that you get through games or some messaging apps. Those could be social engineering messages designed to trick you into opening the ransomware installer file. If you do that, Trojan.Pondfull (and other dangerous programs for that matter) enters your PC.

So, to put it simply, it is possible to avoid getting infected with Trojan.Pondfull, but you need to be careful. Always keep your cybersecurity in mind when you are about to interact with unfamiliar content.

What does Trojan.Pondfull do?

Trojans often can perform a lot of functions, and it all depends on their command and control (C2) centers. Our research suggests that Trojan.Pondfull usually works as a rootkit or a worm.

What is a rootkit? A rootkit is a type of malicious application that is designed to enable access to the target computer. If Trojan.Pondfull works as a rootkit, it might get administrator access to your system, and then extend that access either to its C2 or some other third party. If anyone gets full control of your system, they could modify your software and even steal your personal information.

Also, if Trojan.Pondfull functions as a worm, it will mostly consume your bandwidth. Worms are not viruses, so they do not technically destroy computer systems. They mostly replicate themselves and spread further. However, if the affected system in question is connected to a bigger network, there might be a lot of trouble. Trojan.Pondfull could carry a payload that is designed to delete files on the target system or encrypt them. Yes, it wouldn’t be surprising if this Trojan was used for a ransomware attack, too.

So, if your system is sluggish and it takes ages to load various programs, you should definitely run a full system scan because Trojan.Pondfull might be there. There might also be other infections on-board because malware seldom travels solo. In other words, your main task right now is to remove Trojan.Pondfull from your computer through and through.

How do I remove Trojan.Pondfull?

Although users seldom choose to remove Trojans manually, it is always possible to do that. What’s more, Trojan.Pondfull doesn’t have a million of files, and it is quite simple to delete it. However, if you do not feel confident about it, you can always acquire a licensed security tool that will help you terminate the infection for good.

When you are done removing Trojan.Pondfull, you should also scan your system once more, just to be sure that no other dangerous files remain. After that, please review your web browsing habits and your program application habits. Computer security programs cannot help you protect your system from all the potential threats if you are not careful about it. Download programs only from their official sources and do not interact with spam email content. It’s best to simply delete such emails no questions asked.

Manual Trojan.Pondfull Removal

  1. Press Win+R and type %SysDir%. Click OK.
  2. Remove the tlntsvr.exe and tlntsvr32.exe files.
  3. Scan your PC with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Trojan.Pondfull*

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