What is Trojan.Nitol.A?

It is really difficult to fight an infection you cannot see. Trojan.Nitol.A is good at hiding itself and inflicting damage on the target system. This Trojan does not differ much from other Trojan infections, making it a rather generic threat. However, that does not mean you should not take Trojan.Nitol.A seriously. In fact, you should perform system scan periodically to make sure you remove Trojan.Nitol.A in the early stages of the infection.

System scan is necessary because there are no common infection symptoms associated with Trojan.Nitol.A. After installation, it contacts a remote server at via port 8889 and receives configuration data from an attacker. Based on the data provided by the hacker behind this infection, Trojan.Nitol.A can exhibit different types of behavior.

For starters, first and foremost Trojan.Nitol.A reports a new infection to a hacker. After the infection is confirmed, the previously mentioned configuration data is sent over from the remote host and Trojan.Nitol.A updates itself, checking what it is supposed to do. It can download and execute additional malware. This malware, in turn, can download even more malicious applications, turning into a vicious circle of malware installations.

What is more, Trojan.Nitol.A is perfectly capable of collecting sensitive information from the infected system and then sending it away to the said remote server. The collected data usually includes banking logins and passwords, credit card information, as well as system specifications. Therefore, apart from being dangerous computer threat, Trojan.Nitol.A also threatens your financial security.

Remove Trojan.Nitol.A and make sure that your computer is protected from similar infections. In case manual removal is too much of a task for you, do make use of a computer security program that will help you to terminate Trojan.Nitol.A automatically.

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