What is Trojan.Fbook?

Trojan.Fbook is a severe threat to your privacy and to the health of your operating system; therefore, it is important that you remove it as soon as possible. Once this infection is activated on your PC, it opens a backdoor and might download more malicious infections. What is more, Trojan.Fbook can let its creator access your computer and take over the control. These are very serious issues that can only be handled by removing Trojan.Fbook and any other possible infections from your system. Please read our full report to figure out more about this vicious Trojan and how you can delete it.

Where does Trojan.Fbook come from?

Trojan.Fbook spreads via Facebook as its name suggests. While Facebook Trojan infections usually attack unsuspecting users in chat messages, Trojan.Fbook utilizes a new approach to speed up spreading. This Trojan posts a pornographic looking video on your timeline. However, the real power behind the new spreading mechanism of Trojan.Fbook is that it randomly tags a number of your friends too. This infection can also alter the preview image of the fake video every time it gets posted on someone’s timeline. If you cannot resist temptation, you might click on the link, which may start an avalanche of security threats. Therefore, if your privacy and personal information are important to you, Trojan.Fbook needs to be removed from your system ASAP.

How does Trojan.Fbook work?

Once you click on this fake video, you get redirected to a compromised website. The only purpose behind this website is to fool you to install malicious browser extensions and other malware so that you can watch the video. Who could say no to an official-looking Adobe Flash Player update? If you do not get out at this stage, Trojan.Fbook will be successful, and what you will actually download will be a file named servant.exe. You will not even notice it installs and executes itself because it all happens without your knowledge. The unauthorized installation alone should be convincing enough for you to remove Trojan.Fbook.

When servant.exe starts running, it alters some Windows Registry entries to make sure it starts automatically with Windows. If you do not remove this file, it will also open a backdoor for additional malicious programs to download, or even for schemers to gain access to your virtual world. Trojan.Fbook is a high-level risk to your personal and system security as well; therefore, you should remove it completely without hesitation. Furthermore, Trojan.Fbook also blocks security websites using the hosts file so that you cannot connect to certain websites to get help with deleting the infection.

How do I remove Trojan.Fbook?

Our researchers have found out that the antimalware partner of Facebook has already started to work on a detection method against Trojan.Fbook. However, right now it is no consolation for Facebook users who might be exposed to Trojan.Fbook any time. If you are cautious and double check what you are about to click, you can avoid getting infected. It is very complicated to remove Trojan.Fbook manually; thus, we recommend that you use a genuine antimalware application to delete this infection together with any other potential threats. Should you need any more assistance, please contact us by leaving a message below. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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