What is Trojan.Autoit.CKU?

Trojan.Autoit.CKU is a dangerous Trojan horse that you cannot keep on your computer if you do not want to lose control of your PC. If you detect the presence of this Trojan, you need to act immediately. The more time it stays active, the more damage it can do to your system and your files. If you are infected with this invasive Trojan, it will not be the only threat you may find on your computer. This Trojan can download other malware infections and expose your personal details and other sensitive information to cyber criminals. It is vital that you understand what you are up against with regard to the damage this Trojan can cause to your computer. By the end of our report you will also learn how to remove Trojan.Autoit.CKU before it cripples your system and leaves you no choice but reinstalling your Windows operating system after reformatting your hard drive. We surely believe that you want to avoid that.

How does Trojan.Autoit.CKU act?

Our malware specialists have tested this Trojan horse in our internal lab and they have reported that Trojan.Autoit.CKU may spread in e-mails, usually as a pdf attachment, on social networking websites, such as Facebook. Once you click on attachments or links that are offered, it installs the Trojan silently in the background and also drops a couple of other infections onto your system for starters.

Once installed, Trojan.Autoit.CKU starts up its aggressive and dangerous mission to take control of your computer step by step. It modifies and creates Windows registry keys in order to be able to start up with the operating system. This Trojan can also collect all kinds of information about you, including sensitive and private information, such as keystrokes, clipboard data, and more. Trojan.Autoit.CKU can also send this to remote servers so that cyber criminals can utilize the data and commit a diversity of online frauds. The other side of the story is that these criminals may also want to take control of your computer for malicious purposes and they can send commands to the Trojan to perform certain tasks. Therefore, the longer this Trojan is active, the more damage it can cause. This Trojan is definitely very bad news and you should not take it lightly. Before you get totally locked out from your own computer, we strongly recommend that you delete it immediately.

How do I remove Trojan.Autoit.CKU?

When it comes to malware infections, it is important to know that most of the time you can avoid malicious attacks if you are careful enough. It is worth having a sort of code or your own rules with regard to what kinds of websites you should not ever visit, what type of ads or links you should never click on, or how cautious you need to be with opening attachments even if they come from a seemingly familiar e-mail address or a friend on Facebook or Skype. Always make sure that the e-mail or chat message you are about to open was meant for you personally and it was sent by a trustworthy source.

Removing Trojan.Autoit.CKU manually is a rather difficult task and we would not suggest it for those who are not expert users. The best and safest solution is to download and install a reliable antimalware tool that can automatically tackle all the infections that are present on your computer. It is possible that this Trojan blocks you from running antimalware software or it may even hide from security tools that are not the latest versions. We recommend using SpyHunter, which has proven to be a powerful and quick weapon against malicious attacks. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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