What is Trojan.Aenjaris?

Have you uncovered a threat by the name Trojan.Aenjaris? If you have, you need to act fast because this infection is like a ticking bomb without a timer. It is completely unpredictable, and if it manages to find its way into your operating system, it can do all kinds of malicious things. According to research team, the threat has been found to spread in the United States and Mexico, as well as numerous countries in Europe, including Germany, Spain, and Sweden. The threat is not static, and appointing concrete specifics to its functionality is almost impossible. Yes, we can guess and predict how this threat would work on the Windows operating system, but the reality is that the attacker using this infection is in full control. And many different attackers could be linked to this malware. That is because there are many different versions of it, and, of course, all of them require removal. Are you ready to delete Aenjaris Trojan? If you are, please continue reading.

How does Aenjaris work?

Aenjaris is a name that is used to identify a group of malicious files that give full-control to the attacker. If the threat is set in place, it can be used in various different ways. For example, if it functions as a keylogger, it can collect highly personal and sensitive data, including your passwords and usernames, which, of course, could help remote attackers hijack your accounts and use them in malicious ways. For example, they could use your accounts to spread malware, expose other uses to scams, or even purchase goods using your credit card information. The Aenjaris Trojan could also be used to drop other infections. Even the keylogger could be downloaded by this Trojan, and that is a huge issue because you do not know what kinds of threats could be dropped without your notice. Some are more visible than others – e.g., fake system optimizers or file-encrypting ransomware – but there are also threats that run silently, and can do so for months on end. Such threats could silently record information, spread malware using your system, mine cryptocurrency using system resources, and so on. Although it is incredibly important that you remove Aenjaris Trojan, you might have to focus on the threats downloaded by it to stop malicious activity.

Before we discuss the removal of Aenjaris, we need to discuss the apparent security cracks that exist within your operating system. If they did not exist, the Trojan would not be active, and you would not be dealing with all the security issues you have right now. How did the Trojan get in? You might be unable to answer this question because the threat usually slips in silently. You might have let in this threat attached to something much more attractive. You might have let it in if it used a disguise. You might also have let it by visiting a malicious website or clicking a malicious link with the infection’s payload. This is why it is absolutely important that you are careful online. Do not visit random websites and do not click unfamiliar links. Most important, of course, it is that you keep your system protected against malware, and that can be done with the help of reliable anti-malware software. If it is active, no threat can slither in, and if it already exists, it is automatically removed.

How to delete Aenjaris

You probably need no other reason to remove Trojan.Aenjaris from your operating system. It is clear that this infection is evil, and that the sooner you get rid of it, the better. As mentioned previously, the infections that could be downloaded by this Trojan might be much more malicious, and removing them might be more important. That being said, you need to get rid of the Trojan as well because it might be the root of all problems. There is a way for you to erase Aenjaris and all other infections automatically. If you want that, install an anti-malware program you can trust. This program must be legitimate and up-to-date; otherwise, you will not get the protection you need, which is very important if you wish to keep the system clean hereafter. If you are determined to erase all infections yourself, remember that you might be dealing with many of them. Install a trusted malware scanner to help you unveil the active threats, and then refer to the guides available on our site for manual removal instructions.

Removal Instructions

N.B. These instructions do not guarantee that you will have the Trojan deleted because the components use random names, and different versions of the infection could use different locations.

  1. Tap Win+E keys to launch Explorer.
  2. Enter these directories into the bar at the top to look for malicious files:
    • %APPDATA%
    • %APPDATA%\Windows Objects
    • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
    • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
    • %TEMP%
  3. Delete the malicious Trojan’s files and then Empty Recycle Bin.
  4. Scan your system once more to check if you need to delete anything else. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Trojan.Aenjaris*

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