Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware

What is Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware?

We cannot call Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware a nasty infection because it does not encrypt files like similar threats, does not block systems utilities and/or Desktop, and does not make any other major modifications. Of course, it is still malicious software, so you cannot keep it. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that this infection will not be updated in the future. If it ever gets updates and you encounter its new version, you might find your files encrypted, and it might even demand a ransom from you. It is always a bad idea to send money to ransomware developers, so keep your money to yourself in such a case. Instead, go to erase the ransomware infection from your system as soon as possible. As for the Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware removal, it should not be hard to eliminate it since it is not one of those sophisticated infections. Our specialists say that it will, most probably, be enough to close the window opened on Desktop and delete the file launched. You will find more detailed information about the Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware removal provided in the last paragraph of this article, but you should read all other paragraphs too if you want to find more about this infection.test

What does Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware do?

Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware does not act as a typical ransomware infection for sure. Yes, it illegally shows up on users’ computers, but it does not encrypt their files. Surprisingly, it does not even demand a ransom from users. The only symptom showing that this ransomware infection has entered the system successfully is the window open on Desktop. It covers the entire screen, but it can be easily closed by clicking X in the top-right corner. This window contains only one sentence claiming that users’ files have been encrypted: “Uh Oh! Your Files have Been Encrypted By Trick Or Treat Ransomware!”. It also contains a picture and a button “Decrypt My File’s!”. If you have encountered the same version of Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware analyzed by specialists working at, we can assure you that this threat has not touched any of your files. They are all fine – close the window and see it for yourself. Of course, if this infection is ever updated, you might find you files locked. Do not pay money to cyber criminals to get your files decrypted in such a case because you have zero guarantees that they will really be unlocked for you.

Where does Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware come from?

Specialists suspect that Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware is still in development because it does not perform any malicious activities except for placing a window on Desktop. Also, they have noticed that it is not actively distributed. Of course, everything might change soon. If cyber criminals ever update this infection and start actively distributing it, the chances are high that it will be mainly distributed via spam emails. It is one of the most popular methods used to spread ransomware infections, but it is not the only one for sure, so you should be very cautious. We do not want to lie to you – it might be extremely hard to prevent certain infections from entering the system. Because of this, our security specialists recommend ordinary computer users to enable security software on their computers. If they have it active 24/7/365, malicious software will find it impossible to enter the system.

How to remove Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware

We cannot call Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware very harmful because, at the time of writing, it did not act as a sophisticated infection. It did not encrypt any files, it did not have a point of execution, it did not connect to the Internet, and it did not make any important changes. Because of this, we do not think that its removal will be very complicated too. Your first task is to click X to close the opened window. Then, go to delete the file you have launched. It should be some kind of executable (.exe) file. In case you cannot locate it, you should use an automated antimalware scanner – it will quickly find and delete the Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware launcher and other malicious components detected from your computer.

Delete Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware

  1. Click X at the top-right corner of the black window opened on your Desktop.
  2. When you close the window, go to delete the file launched recently (most likely, you will find it on Desktop or in the Downloads folder).
  3. Empty Recycle bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware*

Stop these Trick-Or-Treat Ransomware Processes:

Trick or Treat Ransomware.exe

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