Tox Ransomware

What is Tox Ransomware?

Tox Ransomware is the infection you do not want to face. Unfortunately, this infection was created by cyber criminals who known how to infiltrate this infection into as many operating systems as possible. They could even use different distribution methods, which is why it is very difficult to predict how this threat will corrupt your operating system. Even though some methods could help this malicious threat enter your PC without your permission, it is not unnoticeable once installed. Immediately after execution, Tox Ransomware encrypts your personal files and introduces you to a browser screen suggesting that you need to pay money in order to have your personal files back. On top of that, this infection adds itself to the system startup. Unfortunately, you will not restore your files by removing Tox Ransomware; however, deleting this program is extremely important.test

How does Tox Ransomware work?

Once Tox Ransomware encrypts your personal files, it renames them by adding the “.toxcrypt” extension. Just like Bitcryptor Virus, Alpha Crypt, and other similar threats that also require removal, this malicious ransomware targets personal files, including documents, photos, music, and video files. Needless to say, schemers would not convince users to pay money by encrypting files that can be easily restored or that do not matter at all. If you have backup copies of the most important files encrypted by Tox Ransomware, remove the encrypted files and delete the ransomware itself. Afterward, just move the files from your online or removable storage devices, if needed. Of course, this removal option does not fit you if you do not have backup copies. In this case, you might be tempted to follow the Tox Ransomware demands.

The files in your PC are now encrypted. The only way to have them back, is to pay a ransom of 50.00$.
How to pay
You have to pay the ransom in bitcoins to the address [private key] which has been reserved for you. Please note that the value of bitcoin is unstable and may change in the near future. The current amount of bitcoin to pay is 0.43 bitcoins (worth 50.00$).

If the files encrypted by Tox Ransomware are important to you, you might think that paying $50 is not a big deal. The risk here is that there are absolutely no guarantees that your files will be decrypted after you pay the ransom. Remember that Tox Ransomware is a creation of cyber criminals, and they certainly do not care about your wellbeing or your financial security. If you want to take the risk, you should exhaust all other options first. For example, you might be able to find legitimate file decryption tools. Needless to say, you need to delete by Tox Ransomware from your PC regardless of how you handle the file decryption.

How to delete Tox Ransomware

Without a doubt, you must remove Tox Ransomware from your Windows operating system. The question is how? Since this malicious ransomware does not block executable files, you should be able to launch your browsers in a regular manner and launch installers of the newly downloaded software. This is good news because this means that you will be able to install automated malware removal software to delete Tox Ransomware and other infections that might be present on your PC. The manual removal of Tox Ransomware is a complicated task, and we do not recommend performing it. Instead, follow the guide below and install a reliable malware remover that will delete Tox Ransomware for you.

Remove Tox Ransomware

  1. Launch the preferred browser.
  2. Visit .
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Install the automated malware removal tool.
  5. Perform a System Scan to locate Tox Ransomware.
  6. Click Fix Threats to delete Tox Ransomware and other infections.

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