What is Toothy?

Have you downloaded Toothy in a regular manner, o were you forced to download it? This is an extension that is compatible with Google Chrome, and research team has found that it can be introduced to users via an unreliable page that goes full-screen with a notification suggesting that the page can be closed only if you let the add-on in. At first sight, this add-on does not look dangerous at all, and it might be represented via the Google Chrome store – which, of course, is a reputable source – but that does not mean that you should install it. If you are being pushed to install anything, you should NOT; even if it looks harmless or beneficial. Instead, you need to focus on closing the page representing the installer. You might be able to do that by clicking the F11 button or by switching to a different window using the Alt+Tab key combination. If you end up installing it, we recommend that you delete Toothy. Unfortunately, other threats might exist along with this PUP (potentially unwanted program).test

How does Toothy work?

Toothy does not have an official installer. In the past, it was represented via the Chrome web store at, but this installer is no longer active, which is the main reason does not work as well. This page used to introduce the installer of this extension to Google Chrome users in full screen. Although the Chrome app store no longer promotes the installer of the PUP, and the page forcing you to let it in does not work, that does not mean that other pages could not be set up or that other sources could not be employed. For example, unreliable third-party file-sharing sites could be easily used to host the installer of this potentially unwanted program. All that is needed is for something to redirect to this source. Our research team has found hat – which is an adware server – was used to redirect to when it was still working. At this time, this adware server redirects to sites that promote games, online shopping, and, potentially, scams.

The redirecting via this adware server could happen if you interacted with an unreliable link found online, but it is also possible that this could be initiated by a malicious program active on your operating system. If a program like this exists, you want to delete it as soon as possible because it could keep redirecting you to other unreliable and malicious websites. It could be capable of other malicious activity as well. Furthermore, if one malicious threat is active on your PC, there is no telling as to how many other threats might exist. We suggest clicking the Download link below and installing a free malware scanner that will help you figure out if you need to delete any infections. Obviously, if it is installed, you will be warned that you need to remove Toothy as well. If you discover serious malware that you cannot eliminate yourself, you can upgrade the free malware scanner to function as an anti-malware tool capable of erasing existing infections automatically.

How to delete Toothy

Toothy might seem like a harmless extension at first, but it is not transparent, and there is a great possibility that it functions as an advertising tool. If this suspicious, potentially unwanted program was introduced to you via a suspicious page that you were redirected to without your permission, there is a possibility that malware exists on your operating system. Because of this, we strongly recommend installing a legitimate malware scanner to go through every folder within your operating system and check if malicious files and programs exist. Of course, if they do, you have to eliminate them as soon as possible. If you find you are unable to handle the situation yourself, you might have to utilize an automated anti-malware tool to eliminate all malicious components. If you decide to erase all existing threats manually, you can use the guide below to remove Toothy manually as well.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap keys Alt+F to open a menu on the right.
  3. Select More tools to get more options and then click Extensions.
  4. Click the trash bin next to the unwanted extension and choose Remove.
  5. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete to launch the Clear browsing data menu.
  6. Check the boxes representing cookies and other data you want to clear.
  7. Click CLEAR BROWSING DATA and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Toothy*


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