Thtlocker Ransomware

What is Thtlocker Ransomware?

Thtlocker, also spelt THT Locker, is a piece of ransomware that temporarily locks the screen of the PC. The Thtlocker ransomware is not as dangerous as the notorious ransomware infections such as CryptoLocker or WannaCry. The analysis of the Thtlocker threat has shown that the infection is poorly coded in .NET, which is a framework for building different types of software on the Windows operating systems. The Thtlocker Ransomware can be removed manually, but it is highly advisable to implement anti-malware software in order to prevent further malware attacks, which are likely to take place if you keep the OS unprotected.test

How does the Thtlocker ransomware work?

Upon installation, the Thtlocker ransomware loads its interface in full screen. The screen contains a  few brief sentences saying that the computer has been locked. The first sentence is written in the Russian language, which implies that this infection might be associated with Russian speaking black hat hackers. According to the first line of the so-called warning, all the files are not accessible. Moreover, it is added that the PC has been locked.

Unlike profit-oriented infections, the Thtlocker ransomware does not demand a ransom. Usually, a piece of ransomware shows a warning in which the victim is informed about encryption and is required to pay a particular sum to a digital account. In the present case, no requirements are provided. More important, the Thtlocker threat has not be found to encrypt files, which suggests that this threat is a test version of a beginner in coding.

A typical aggressive ransomware infection creates its point of execution (PoE) so that the ransom warning loads every time the victim logs in to the system.  This does not apply to the Thtlocker ransomware. You have probably noticed that the full screen displayed by the infection does not have any close button, which is why the infection is categorized as a screen locked. Fortunately, you can get out of the attacker's trap by using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab and restart the computer.

It has been found that the executable of the infection is named cryptolocker, which in reality is a disruptive threat that has caused a significant financial damage for both business and public sectors. It is very likely that the name of the nasty infection is used to scare the victim into thinking that the Thtlocker ransomware is a serious threat. However, there is no need to worry because you can easily remove Thtlocker from your PC.

How to prevent Thtlocker?

Researchers have not determined the method of distribution  of the ransomware, but it is clear that all possible preventative measures should be taken. First, it is essential to keep the operating system and software up-to-date so that malware does exploit system or software vulnerabilities to get access to your. Second, it is important to avoid downloading freeware from software sharing websites and networks. Malware is very often distributed by software installers, and you may not suspect that your OS is about to be affected after your launching of a setup file. Moreover, cyber fraudsters employ social engineering to make victims inadvertently  install software. This usually happens with malicious emails containing deceptive hyperlinks or attachments that are presented as files containing relevant information. Most of all, it is crucial to keep the OS secured against malware by a reputable security tool. Malware differs in its complexity and capability. One threat may only collect your browsing behavior, whereas the other may steal or delete your sensitive information. Hence, not only should you remove the Thtlocker ransomware, but you should also make sure that the system is protected.

How to remove  the Thtlocker ransomware?

In order to fully eliminate the Thtlocker from the computer, it is not enough to remove its warning from the screen. It is necessary to kill the process of the infection and remove the malicious file. To do so, use the removal guide given below. If this is too difficult a task, implement our recommended security tool to have Thtlocker removed and the OS protected.

Remove the Thtlocker Ransomware

  1. Press Alt+F4.
  2. Open the Task Manager  and find the malicious process.
  3. Open the location of the file by right-clicking on the process selected and choosing Open file location.
  4. Remove the file and kill its process. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Thtlocker Ransomware*

Stop these Thtlocker Ransomware Processes:

THT Locker.exe

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