What is TheConverterSearch?

TheConverterSearch is not a tool that offers highly attractive services. In fact, all it claims to be capable of doing is providing the “best way to search” the web. Without a doubt, some might be intrigued by such a grand claim, and perhaps that is why over 10,000 people have, supposedly, downloaded the add-on from If you have used this installer on the Chrome Web Store, you must know that the extension can change your search settings, read and change data on certain websites, and also read browsing data. A lot of people simply fail to pay attention to warnings and alerts because they just want to install desirable software or extension as soon as possible. If you continue reading this report, you will learn why using this extension could be dangerous, why we identify it as a PUP (i.e., potentially unwanted program), and also why we recommend deleting it. If you think that you already know why you want to remove TheConverterSearch, we have a guide that will help you along the way.test

How does TheConverterSearch work?

Google Chrome users who face TheConverterSearch are likely to assume that this PUP is a unique tool. It absolutely is not, and its creator actually did not put in much effort at all. That is because it is an identical clone to AllConvertersSearches, SearchTheConverter, PDFSearchio, SearchConverters, and a bunch of other well-known PUPs that our research team has analyzed already. We do not know if one creator is responsible for them or if a bunch of different parties are using the same template. In either case, these potentially unwanted programs are unreliable and deserve removal. They all follow the same Privacy Policy, one copy of which can be found at This virtual document reveals that the PUP collects non-personal and personal information and can share it with parties that are left anonymous. Does that make you want to trust the PUP? If you do not want to worry about having private data leaked to unknown parties, you already have one reason to delete it from your Google Chrome browser.

Another reason why you should consider deleting TheConverterSearch is that it is useless. Although visitors of can use a free converter, this webpage is not introduced by the extension. Instead, it simply replaces the default search provider with, and this search tool is completely useless and, furthermore, unreliable. It is useless because it redirects to Yahoo Search, and as you know, you do not need to install any extensions to use this popular search tool. If you decide to remove TheConverterSearch, but you want to continue using, know that you can place it as your default search engine at any point. The PUP’s search tool is also considered to be unreliable because it modifies the results you are shown via Yahoo Search. Needless to say, the extension is extremely sneaky in how it promotes third-party content, and since we do not know what kinds of third-party ads could be shown to you, we suggest getting rid of the PUP without further delay. Before you figure out how to do that, employ a legitimate malware scanner to help you inspect the system.

How to remove TheConverterSearch

Did you scan your operating system? Hopefully, nothing besides TheConverterSearch was found, and you can focus on this PUP. The instructions you can see below were created to help you delete it specifically, but you should be able to use them for all unwanted extensions. And what if additional threats are found? If that is the case, we recommend that you do quick research to learn more about these threats. Perhaps you can delete them all manually, but do not panic if that is not an option for you. In fact, it is best to employ automated anti-malware software anyway. This software is designed to protect you against threats first and foremost, but it also can automatically delete TheConverterSearch and all other threats that might be active. Still have questions? Post them in the comments section for us to answer.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open Google Chrome and then click the three vertical dots icon on the top-right corner
  2. Click More tools to access more options and then open the Extensions menu.
  3. Identify the potentially unwanted program and then click Remove next to it.
  4. Open the More tools menu again and, this time, click Clear browsing data.
  5. In the Advanced section, pick a time range and boxes, and then click Clear data. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of TheConverterSearch*


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