The Magic Ransomware

What is The Magic Ransomware?

There is a reason why your files have a new .locked extension. The chances are high that a malicious application called The Magic Ransomware has slithered onto your computer successfully if original extensions of your personal files are gone. It does not differ at all from other ransomware infections – it encrypts users’ pictures, documents, videos, and music in order to obtain money from them. Users living in Italy should be the most careful, our security specialists say, because the ransom note this infection drops after the encryption of files is almost all in Italian, which suggests that this ransomware infection targets Italian-speaking users primarily. We are sure your files are locked too if this nasty infection has shown up on your PC illegally. Luckily, it is not that hard to remove it, so, please, go to erase it from your system as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about the decryption of files. To be frank, we cannot even promise that you could unlock them without the decryption key cyber criminals have. Of course, we do not try to say here that you should go to purchase it from them because nobody knows if they are willing to give it to you. Consequently, you should focus on the removal of The Magic Ransomware mainly.testtesttest

What does The Magic Ransomware do?

The Magic Ransomware acts as other typical ransomware-type infections. Once it infiltrates users’ computers, it locks users’ files right away. A file is encrypted if it has the .locked extension appended and can no longer be opened. When it finishes this job, it deletes itself immediately but creates its own copy in %HOMEDRIVE%\user\rand123. You should also find your Desktop background changed and a new file READ_IT.txt on Desktop. This file is a ransom note, so you will find out how you can decrypt your files if you read it. As could be expected, it demands a ransom. Specifically speaking, it tells users to send 100 EUR in the Bitcoin digital currency in exchange for the decryption key. Since nobody knows whether cyber criminals have it, you should not even consider sending money to them. If you do not get the decryption tool from them, your money will not be returned to you either. Therefore, our specialists suggest that you go to decrypt your files for free from a backup you have after the full removal of this infection instead. Unfortunately, there is no other way to unlock them if you have never made their copies. In such a case, the removal of the ransomware infection is still a must.

Where does The Magic Ransomware come from?

There are several methods used to spread ransomware infections. Since The Magic Ransomware is one of them, it should be distributed using the same old good methods. According to specialists at, it should travel via spam emails, so stay away from them all if you do not want to find malicious software installed on your computer. On top of that, it might enter users’ PCs illegally due to unsafe RDP credentials. Users who download tons of software from P2P websites should be very careful as well because they might get The Magic Ransomware from these pages instead of decent software. Ransomware infections are one of the most harmful threats that exist, so, in some cases, it might be very hard to prevent them from entering the system. Luckily, there is a solution to the problem even if you are not a very experienced user – your computer will be protected if you install a reputable security application on it.

How to delete The Magic Ransomware

Although The Magic Ransomware copies itself to %HOMEDRIVE%\user\rand123, drops a .txt file, and might even change Desktop background, its manual removal should not be very complicated because it does not make any modifications in the system registry and does not lock any system utilities like some other ransomware infections analyzed by our specialists. Of course, if it is the first time you are going to erase such a harmful infection from your computer, it would be smart to follow our step-by-step manual removal guide (scroll down to find it below this article). It is, of course, not the only removal method you can adopt. This infection can be removed automatically as well, but, of course, you will first need to acquire the scanner from the web. Unfortunately, your files will not be unlocked both ways.

Remove The Magic Ransomware

  1. Press Win+E simultaneously.
  2. Open %HOMEDRIVE%\user.
  3. Delete the rand123 folder with the local.exe file.
  4. Remove ransom.jpg from %HOMEDRIVE%\user.
  5. Open %USERPROFILE%\Desktop, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, and %TEMP%.
  6. Delete suspicious files from these directories.
  7. Delete the ransom note READ_IT.txt from Desktop.
  8. Empty Trash. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of The Magic Ransomware*

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