The Fulltab

What is The Fulltab?

If you find a new browser extension called The Fulltab in your Google Chrome browser, there is a chance that this tool sneaked onto your system without your knowledge. This is easier than you would think. Our malware specialists at say that although you can install this tool from official sources, it is still more likely to infect your browser with it when it comes on board in questionable ways. This also means that this infection may not be the only one that could be endangering your system now. Due to its capabilities this browser extension has been classified as a browser hijacker. This tool may set a risky search engine as your home page and new tab page. If you do not want to infect your system with more malware applications, or lose your money in an online scam, we advise you to remove The Fulltab from your computer. Before you scroll down and learn how you can do that, we recommend that you read our full description about this browser hijacker to understand how you can avoid the next similar attack.testtesttest

Where does The Fulltab comes from?

This browser hijacker was created by the notorious IMALI - N.I. MEDIA LTD, who are also responsible for dozens of similar projects, including and to name a couple. Research shows that these are the countries with the most installations: the US (15.1%), India (6.5%), and Mexico (4.7%). But clearly this tool is not limited to only these three countries and can be downloaded anywhere in the world. It is quite likely that the official channels are available in most parts of the world. The main promotional page,, is a very simple page that has some information about this tool and the usual legal documents.

If you click the large “Add to Chrome” button, you can directly install this tool in your Google Chrome browser after you click “Add extension” on the little confirmation window that pops up with the list of permissions you are giving this tool. It is important to always read this pop-up because you may not want an application like this to change or read certain information relating to your browsing habits. Another official site is the Chrome web store itself, We must quickly add that just because you can find an extension in this store, it does not necessarily mean that it is all safe and reliable. Unfortunately, this store hosts dozens of unreliable and undesirable apps that might cause security-related issues and will only be removed and blocked by Google if reported and reviewed. So even if you installed this tool knowingly from these sources, we suggest that you delete The Fulltab.

The bad news is that this extension may also be found in malicious free software packages. Such third-party installers are mainly hosted on questionable file-sharing websites, such as torrent and shareware pages. So when you are looking for free files to download and end up on an unfamiliar page, think of the possible unfortunate consequences of downloading an installer that may contain more than just the file you want. In fact, such a bundle can pack a number of malware threats alongside legitimate free software, including browser hijackers, Trojans, fake alerts, backdoors, ad-supported programs, and more. You can also download such a package when clicking on a corrupt third-party ad generated by a shady website or an adware program hiding on your system. Therefore, it is essential that you avoid suspicious websites and clicking on random ads as well. But it is even more important right now that you delete The Fulltab and scan your system to detect all other threats.

How does The Fulltab work?

This questionable browser extension has a few features to appear to be worthy for being kept. For example, it displays a digital clock in the top-left corner, it changes your browser settings to set a risky search engine called as your home page and new tab page, and it also shows you a menu button in the top-right corner. Clicking The Fulltab button you display a panel in which you can change certain settings, including the background image for your new tabs, saving bookmarks, and so on. You may also find thumbnail links to social networking and media-related sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instgram, and CNN. The only problem with redirecting to third-party sites through this tool is that this browser hijacker might be able to inject its third-party ads into reliable pages and thus make them potentially unreliable.

The main reason for us to label this tool risky is the search engine itself. Like most similar infections, this tool may also be able to spy on you and gather data about you and your online activities. This information then can be used to shape your content as well as to be shared with third parties. The problem is that even cyber criminals may be able to pose as third parties. Therefore, you can never be safe from relevant looking ads and sponsored links because these may serve as plain bait for you to click and then suffer the consequences. If you want to avoid further malware attacks and online scams, you should remove The Fulltab right away. Let us tell you how.

How can I delete The Fulltab?

The good news is that this malware infection only affects your Google Chrome browser. Well, this does not mean though that this cannot change in the future. In any case, we have prepared a guide for you if you want to manually remove The Fulltab from your browser. Since finding this browser hijacker on your computer could also mean the presence of other infections, we suggest that you use an authentic anti-malware program like SpyHunter to eliminate all of them as well as safeguard your PC from further attacks.

Remove The Fulltab from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and select More tools.
  2. Choose Extensions.
  3. Select the undesirable extension and click on the trash can.
  4. In the confirmation window, click Remove.
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