Task Manager Tab

What is Task Manager Tab?

If you downloaded Task Manager Tab, you must have thought that this extension can provide you with extremely useful online tools. Well, it would be unfair to claim that this extension is completely useless, but there certainly is a line between something truly useful and something that uses useful services to hide other things. It looks like the extension is on the latter side, and that is why Chrome users are choosing to remove it from their browsers. If you are simply bothered by the services presented by the PUP (potentially unwanted program), perhaps all you have to do is delete Task Manager Tab. However, if you have been seeing more advertisements than usual after installing this extension, perhaps you also need to disable notifications. We discuss this and more in our report, and so if you are interested, please keep reading. Also, do not hesitate to reach us via the comments section if you have any questions.test

How does Task Manager Tab work?

At the time of research, Task Manager Tab could not be downloaded from taskmanagertab.com, which is its official website. That is because the installer was taken down from the Chrome Web Store (used to be available at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/task-manager-tab/pbgdiahjkfipbcllfeaahaganmclmemc). Is it possible that this installer will be revived? Everything is possible, but in the meantime, the PUP could still be introduced via bundled downloaders and pop-ups, and so you need to be cautious. Innover Group is the creator of Task Manager Tab, as well as many other similar extensions, including Track Net Speed, Ezy Photo Tab, or Shield My Searches. All of them are designed to change the Ne Tab page on Chrome, and the PUP we are discussing in this report changes it to taskmanagertab.com/newtab/v1/dbxy57.html?. What is so special about this page? Well, it offers a menu that represents a World Clock, Calculator, Calendar, My To-Do’s list, and also Reminders. At the top, you can also find the ‘Calculators’ button that opens online calculators, and the ‘Quick Links’ button that opens Facebook, Gmail, and Google Maps. Many Chrome users are likely to find this useful.

What about the search tool introduced by Task Manager Tab? It is not useful at all, but, at the same time, people are likely to find it fitting for their web browsing needs. That is because the PUP redirects to Yahoo Search. Obviously, you do not need to install any extension to access this search engine. Furthermore, keep in mind that when PUPs introduce you to Yahoo, Google, Bing, and other popular search engines, there is always a great risk that you could be exposed to modified results. That was not the case with Task Manager Tab when we researched it, but who knows what kinds of modifications could be made in the future. After all, the PUP tracks your browsing history, uses third-party services, and can show advertisements. You would know about this if you had reviewed the Policy at taskmanagertab.com/common/privacypolicy.html.

How to delete Task Manager Tab

Ultimately, it does not look like Task Manager Tab is an infection or a completely useless extension, but there are some things to look into. Do you want to see ads? Do you want your browsing history tracked and analyzed? Do you want unknown third parties involved in unknown ways? If you do not think that the services presented by the PUP are worth it, we suggest removing it immediately. How should you do it? One option is to delete Task Manager Tab manually, and you can use the guide below. It even includes steps that show how to disable unwanted notifications (if you have enabled them), and also how to clear browsing data in case cookies and other technologies have been planted to spy on you. Another option is to employ an anti-malware tool that can identify and remove PUPs automatically. We strongly recommend using this tool if you installed the PUP along with other suspicious pieces of software that require removal also.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch Google Chrome and then tap Alt+F keys.
  2. Click More tools and then choose Extensions.
  3. Click Remove next to the PUP.
  4. Tap Alt+F keys again and now click Settings.
  5. Under Privacy and security, click Clear browsing data.
  6. Open the Advanced menu and pick a time range.
  7. Pick the boxes you want and then click Clear data.
  8. Back in the Privacy and security menu, click Site settings.
  9. Under Permissions, click Notifications.
  10. Identify the source of the unwanted notifications.
  11. Click the More actions (three dots) icon on the right.
  12. Click Remove or Block and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Task Manager Tab*


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