Tabs to Windows

What is Tabs to Windows?

Tabs to Windows is not an extension you should install on your Google Chrome browser because it is not as beneficial as it claims to be. Yes, it promises to make it possible to organize tabs conveniently, which is quite a useful feature, but it has several other drawbacks that make it an untrustworthy piece of software. Officially, it has been classified as a potentially unwanted program by specialists at Potentially unwanted programs are, of course, not harmful infections, but they still perform activities that might cause problems to users. In the case of Tabs to Windows, it might start collecting information about users one day. Additionally, unlike fully trustworthy applications, it might be installed on users’ browsers without their knowledge. Generally speaking, it is far from a harmful malicious application, but it still has several features that make it a suspicious browser extension. Our recommendation for you would be to remove it, but you must make the final decision yourself – read the rest of this article if you need some more information about this browser extension.test

What does Tabs to Windows do?

After you install Tabs to Windows, you should find a new button at the top of your browser. It opens a separate window which allows arranging tabs conveniently. It is quite a useful feature, we have to admit, but we still cannot tell you that it is OK to keep it installed. Despite the fact that it works in a useful way, you should not keep it installed because it is not a fully reliable browser extension. According to specialists at, it might even start gathering information about users. It is unclear what details about you it will record if you keep it because its Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement are not available. This suggests that there might be what to hide from users. In most cases, suspicious browser extensions like Tabs to Windows do not record any details that can identify users personally. Instead, they usually record the non-personally identifiable information linked to users’ web browsing behavior. For example, domains they open, links they click, ads shown to them, and more. Some technical details about users’ computers are recorded too. We cannot promise that this information will not be sent to third parties, so if you want to keep your privacy safe, delete Tabs to Windows today.

Where does Tabs to Windows come from?

You could have installed Tabs to Windows from the Chrome Web Store ( or its official website (the Add to Chrome button on it did not work at the time of writing), but it is still more likely that it has affected your Google Chrome browser without your consent because like other potentially unwanted programs, it is often spread bundled with third-party applications. These are usually free applications available for download on file-sharing websites. No matter why this browser extension is installed on your computer, you should not let it stay because it is not a piece of software that can be trusted fully. You might encounter hundreds of other potentially unwanted programs if your computer is unprotected. We do not expect you to protect it alone without any help from the outside. Instead, we recommend that you install a security application to ensure your system’s maximum protection.

How to delete Tabs to Windows

Tabs to Windows is not a serious malicious application, as you already know, so it should not be hard to delete it either. If you are an inexperienced user who has never deleted undesirable software with its own hands, we suggest that you delete this extension from your Google Chrome browser using our manual removal guide provided below this article. If you are looking for an easier way to get rid of it, you should use an automated malware remover. Such a tool can be downloaded from the web, but you should be careful because some malicious applications pretend to be powerful malware removers.

Delete Tabs to Windows

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Locate Tabs to Windows.
  6. Select it.
  7. Click the Trash button next to it. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Tabs to Windows*

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