System Tools 2011

What is System Tools 2011?

System Tools 2011 may seem like a wonderful computer tool but the fact of the matter is that it is really a rogue antispyware application which was created to trick innocent users as well as steal their money. This means that if your computer system becomes infected with System Tools 2011,you will not only land up with many computer problems but you will also land up with less money.
System Tools 2011 has been designed to work in a very distinct way that will convince you that your computer system is infected with different threats. System Tools 2011 shows various fake warnings, generates scan reports and even may block Your desktop and other security programs. It will then offer to fix your problems by giving you the option of purchasing a full version. Do not purchase this full version as it is one big scam and will only steal your money. You need to understand that you should proceed to terminate System Tools 2011 off your computer system as soon as you think it may be infected.

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