System Security Antivirus

What is System Security Antivirus?

System Security Antivirus is a rogue antispyware application. Also referred to as SystemSecurityAntivirus, this application should be removed and not encouraged! As is quite common with these type rogue programs, System Security Antivirus enters into a computer system via Trojan infections, spam emails and through its affiliated websites. What System Security Antivirus does is it creates a vast amount of fake pop-up alert messages, combined with fake security system scans – all of which are utilized to ensure the user is coerced into thinking their system is infected terribly – and the only solution is to purchase the full version of System Security Antivirus. This is not fact! Do not fall for this tactic of persuasion, as System Security Antivirus will only cause damage to any system it has infiltrated. System Security Antivirus cant remove a single infections and is only created to show messages which will trick users. Should you suspect your system is infected with System Security Antivirus, remove it ASAP!

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