System Lock 2011

What is System Lock 2011?

System Lock 2011 is a new and harmful rogue antispyware application responsible for infecting many PCs the world over. Its one aim is to fleece consumers out of their money by touting its worthless software. System Lock 2011 offers no benefits or protective qualities to any system, and should never be trusted. It will use any trick in order to try and successfully convince consumers of its legitimacy. Never pay for System Lock 2011. Besides the fact that you will only receive an empty shell for your money, you will also be handing over your payment details to illicit cyber criminals. This could expose the consumer to falling victim to future criminal activity such as credit card fraud and identity theft.
Symptoms of an System Lock 2011 have been reported as the blocking of legitimate executables such as the Paint and WordPad application; increased system instability and redirected search and browser sessions. The blocking of Internet connections have also been reported, making it considerably difficult for users to download legitimate security software in order to effectively remove System Lock 2011. The only way to take control back of a PC infected with this rogue will be to permanently delete System Lock 2011. Continuously update your genuine security software in an effort to consistently protect your system against the latest rogues and threats.

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