System Guard 2009

What is System Guard 2009?

System Guard 2009 (SystemGuard 2009) is a fake spyware remover usually installed by Trojan Zlob. Like other rogue anti-spyware programs, System Guard 2009 is known to trick gullible users into buying System Guard 2009's full version as a legitimate software. Truth is, System Guard 2009 is just another scam that uses fake popups and system notifications to make you believe you are infested with spyware. System Guard 2009 may also try to deceive you with misleading ads on websites.
If you click on any link provided by System Guard 2009, you will most likely be redirected to a rogue website where you'll be tricked into thinking your computer is being scanned. Once System Guard 2009's fake scan finishes, a list of spyware infections will be listed as a result of the system scan. To remove these supposed infections, you'll be offered to purchase System Guard 2009's full version. System Guard 2009 is NOT able to detect nor remove any spyware infections found in your computer.

System Guard 2009 may start on every Windows startup. System Guard 2009 may cause computer and internet connection slowdowns. System Guard 2009 may even put your personal information at risk.

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