System Antivirus 2008

What is System Antivirus 2008?

System Antivirus 2008 (SystemAntivirus2008) is a fake anti-spyware application, an imitation of Windows Antivirus 2008 and Antivirus 2008. System Antivirus 2008 infects your computer with the aide of a Trojan (Zlob or Vundo) through security gaps. System Antivirus 2008 will try to get on your nerves with fake popups, bogus system scans and results to push you into buying the full System Antivirus 2008 to solve your spyware problems.
System Antivirus 2008's fake popups read:

"WARNING! Attack Detected.
Possible harmful action has been detected from remote host.

System Antivirus 2008 has detected possible harmful actions from remote computer on the network. Blaster/Sasser.variant worm behavior detected. You have to register your copy to get full protection feature set and an ability to defeat upcoming threats. To begin online registration, please click "Activate now" button below."

In addition, System Antivirus 2008 will endanger your personal and financial information. The truth is, System Antivirus 2008 is NOT to be trusted. Instead of providing a safe spyware removal application, System Antivirus 2008 offers a great deal of trouble for a high price.

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System Antivirus 2008
  1. Once System Antivirus 2008 is off my computer how do I keep it off?

  2. Right-on. I still have it. Every 30 seconds! What now?

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