System Check

What is System Check?

System Check is a rogue PC defragmentation program which is associated with such bogus tools as Data Repairs and System Repair. The supposedly reliable program is presented as a tool that can check the system drive status, RAM status, and system registry status. Its goal is to convince the user that it can fix various system errors if the full version of program is bought. In order to do so, System Check provides the user with fake scan results and numerous alerts that inform the user about serious security performance issues. The removal of System Check is all that you should be focus on because this application will not help you to boost the performance of the system. Moreover, its presence means that some Trojan horse is installed on your PC.

Why should not you trust System Check?

System Check is a piece of scareware that is distributed to obtain computer users’ money. In order to make you purchase the license version, System Check makes particular modifications within the system, which is likely to result in slower system performance and numerous warnings and notifications.  A bunch of malicious registry entries are created in order for the program to start working once the operating system starts and to run other operations of the deception.  If you have noticed that the system is not working as it should be, System Check may be the one to blame. Ignore system malfunctions, system scans, and annoying error messages, all of which informs about non-existent errors. Here are some of the obtrusive pop-ups that are displayed to deceive the user into registering the program:

Critical Error
A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required.

Critical Error!
Damaged hard drive clusters detected. Private data is at risk.

Critical Error
RAM memory usage is critically high. RAM memory failure.

System Check has also been found to remove shortcuts to various programs so that you cannot access them from the Start menu. The shortcuts are added to the Temp folder, so you should not delete any files from that location.  Moreover, the rogue program hides contents of particular folders by adding the Hide attribute to your files and alters Windows settings so that you cannot unhide those files. Do to worry about this manipulation because the system will be fixed once you remove System Check.

 How to remove System Check?

Since the hard drive problems presented by System Check are simulated, there is no need for you to keep this application on your PC.  Our research team at advises you against trying to eliminate the program manually because of its complexity and recommends implementing SpyHunter. The recommended anti-spyware tool will terminate the infection and safeguard the system against potential computer infections, so if you want to prevent similar and more dangerous malware programs, take action right now.

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