What is Syamit?

Syamit is an untrustworthy browser extension you might be forced to install from Also, it used to be available at the Chrome Web Store, so you could have downloaded it directly from there if you see it on the add-ons list. This browser extension is completely useless, so we see no reasons you should keep it installed on your Google Chrome browser. Specialists at have confirmed that this extension cannot do anything good to users, and they have even placed it under the potentially unwanted software category because of activities it performs on users’ computers. We would lie if we said that potentially unwanted programs are as harmful as real malicious applications; however, it does not mean that they do not perform any undesirable activities and can be kept active. It will become clear what Syamit is capable of if you read the rest of this report. We hope that the information provided in the paragraphs that follow will convince you to delete Syamit.

What does Syamit do?

To be frank, Syamit does not perform many activities once it is installed on Google Chrome, but the fact that users are usually forced to install it on their PCs immediately makes it an untrustworthy piece of software. According to our malware researchers, it acts almost like Toothy, another suspicious browser extension. That is, it should start collecting various details about users following the successful installation. Browser extensions classified as potentially unwanted software usually cannot access any sensitive information, but they might definitely access the so-called non-personally identifiable information quite easily. The non-personally identifiable information they collect is about users’ activities, habits, and interests. For example, such details as links clicked and all the websites visited are recorded. Additionally, browser extensions like Syamit might also gather the technical information about the user’s computer, e.g., the type of the default browser, the version of the Windows OS running on the machine, IP address, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and more. All these details are categorized as the non-personally identifiable information, but you should not allow suspicious extensions like Syamit record them because they might all be shared with third parties and then used for advertising and other purposes.

Where does Syamit come from?

Some time ago, it used to be possible to download Syamit directly from the Chrome Web Store, but it is no longer there, which suggests that users install this piece of software from It seems that they do not do that voluntarily. It is more likely that they are forced to install this extension, specialists say. According to them, they are presented with a malicious pop-up that goes full-screen and are told that they must install the promoted extension to be able to close it. If you have clicked the installation button and ended up with Syamit, remove this extension right now because it does not act beneficially, and, on top of that, people having bad intentions might perform activities on your computer via it. Unfortunately, it is only one of a handful of similar extensions users can discover installed on their browsers without permission, so do not forget to enable a reputable security application on your computer too.

How to delete Syamit

Syamit is not a harmful threat, so it will be enough to access the add-ons manager and delete it from there to disable it completely. If you have never deleted an undesirable browser extension before, you should not erase this potentially unwanted program alone – use our manual removal instructions. It does not mean that it is the only way to take care of untrustworthy extensions. You can also disable this extension automatically. You need to have an automatic malware remover to perform a system scan, so your first task is to acquire such a tool. When the malware remover is installed, launch it and wait till it cleans your computer.

How to remove Syamit manually

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F simultaneously.
  3. Click More tools in the menu and open Extensions.
  4. Select Syamit.
  5. Click the trash button.
  6. Click Remove in the confirmation window. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Syamit*

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