Stop Ransomware

What is Stop Ransomware?

Stop Ransomware is a relatively new threat that first surfaced around two months ago and it already seems to have a second version. Our malware experts at say that this infection can show up on your system without your knowledge and encrypt all your important files in a short time. All this to extort money from you for the decryption key and software. We do not think it is worth risking hundreds of dollars when there is no guarantee that you will get anything for your money. Unfortunately, experience shows that such attackers rarely care about their promise; once they get your transfer, they will be gone or they may attack you again in hope of more money from you. If you do not have a backup stored somewhere safe, you may lose all your encrypted files in this malicious attack. We strongly recommend that you remove Stop Ransomware immediately.

Where does Stop Ransomware come from?

If you have been hit by this malicious program, it is most likely that it happened via spam. This infection can spread on the web as a malicious file attachment in spam e-mails. Of course, this spam is not a conspicuous one screaming, "I am a malicious mail, please open my attachment to lose your files." On the contrary, it tries to appear to be legitimately important for you to open. This spam can make you feel like it has "must-see" content and information for you. The subject of this spam can be anything regarding your credit card details, an unpaid invoice, an online booking, and so on. These matters would matter enough for anyone really that they would want to see more details. But when you open this spam, you may be disappointed at first because you will not find much more. Instead, you will be led to believe that the attachment has all the answers for you. So why not open it to end this mystery? Well, this is the worst you can do because you will not be able to delete Stop Ransomware without risky the loss of your files, too. Think twice before opening such a mail; or, better yet, when in doubt, send a mail to the sender to figure out it it was meant for you personally.

How does Stop Ransomware work?

As we have mentioned, the first version of this dangerous ransomware appeared in last December. There are minor differences between the two, which we will refer to in the paragraph, but they basically use the same AES and RSA-1024 algorithm combination to encrypt your important files beyond the possibility of repair without the unique private key and decryption software. The first version uses the ".STOP" extension to mark the encrypted files, while the new version, which emerged in February, uses ".SUSPENDED." The first version drops a ransom note possibly on your desktop so that you can see it right away, which is called "!!!YourDataRestore!!!.txt," while the second version named it "!!!RestoreProcess!!!.txt."

Yet another difference is the contact e-mails used. The first version asks you to send 1 to 3 very small files to be decrypted for free and sent back as proof of decryption key and software using "," which is "" in the second version. In any case, you have to pay $600 within 72 hours if you want to get the key and the tool. We do not recommend that you contact these cyber crooks and send them money because it is always risky and even dangerous. Such criminals can easily attack you with yet another serious threat to extort even more money from you. We advise you to act right away and remove Stop Ransomware from your PC.

How can I delete Stop Ransomware?

Since this malware infection does not seem to disable main system processes like Task Manager and Run, and it does not lock your screen, either, it is possible that you can simply eliminate it by deleting the related files from your system. We have included a general guide for you if you would like to do this manually. Since we are talking about a dangerous threat, though, we advise you to use a reliable malware removal application, such as SpyHunter, as soon as possible. Such a powerful and up-to-date security program can automatically detect any known threat and take care of them, too. Do yourself a favor and protect your virtual world if you do not want to go through such a nightmare again.

Remove Stop Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Search your default and preferred download directories for suspicious executable files you have saved recently.
  3. Delete all suspicious files, including the ransom note.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  5. Restart your PC. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Stop Ransomware*

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