Spyware Threats

What is Spyware Threats?

Spyware, sometimes referred to as a tracking software, is a program that secretly installs into your computer to collect information like Internet activities, e-mail addresses, passwords and even credit card numbers. Spyware transmits your personal information back to unauthorized third parties which can use it for advertising or other malicious purposes. Spyware usually installs without your knowledge and/or consent and is often bundled with or embedded within freeware/shareware programs.

Spyware Bad Behavior:

  • Spyware installs without your consent.
  • Spyware installs other types of spyware/adware.
  • Spyware may hijack, redirect and change your browser.
  • Spyware displays annoying popups while you surf the web.
  • Spyware compromises your privacy and security.
  • Spyware is difficult to uninstall.
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Spyware - Manual Removal Instructions:

So you've discovered that you've been infected with a spyware or a type of parasites. Now you want to remove it and prevent it from further damaging your computer. To remove spyware components, please follow the instructions below.

WARNING: Spyware manual detection and removal process is difficult. You're required to access sensitive files in your machine. NOT recommended unless you're an expert in this field.

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  • Download Microsoft Autoruns program, and extract it from the .Zip archive.
  • Move Autoruns to your C:drive.
  • Reboot your system into Safe Mode. Since malicious programs can regenerate files whenever they are removed in Normal Mode, only in Safe Mode--which leaves the most essential programs activated--can you remove the majority of the malware in your PC.
  • Open the C:\Autoruns folder and double-click on autoruns.exe.
  • AutoRuns shows in different tabs what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login. Go through all the tabs to search for the malicious file under the Image Path column. Most likely the file name you're
    looking for is under the Logon or the Services tabs. You will probably see several entries associated with spyware since malicious programs can create multiple startup entries. Also, make sure that you have the correct filename and folder that you want to remove -- malware programs tend to mask their file names as legitimate files.
  • Once the program is opened, click on the "Options Menu" and click on/checkmark the following options:

Include empty locations
Verify Code Signatures
Hide Signed Microsoft Entries

  • Press the F5 key on your keyboard to update the startups list with the new settings.
  • If you know the name of the spyware, search for the spyware entry and delete it so it will not appear the next time you reboot. If you do not know the spyware name or the type of spyware that is on your PC, you can run a quick spyware check with SpyHunter's spyware scanner for free.
  • Since you've prevented the malicious program from starting on boot up, you can delete the file by going to "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer".
  • Once you've finished removing the spyware entries from the Registry and deleting the processes, you can reboot into Normal Mode.

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