Sport Score

What is Sport Score?

Sport Score is a suspicious program that you are most likely to download bundled with other programs. We assume this because it is unlikely that many users will seek out this program purposefully and view it as a beneficial tool. The official download page,, is useful only because of the links to the “Terms” and “Privacy” documents represented via it. In fact, even the download link redirects to The information on this Chrome web store page is not exactly helpful either. Sure, the download link works, but it is still unclear how this program works. If you click the “Add to Chrome” button, you are greeted with a pop-up asking to confirm the addition, and this pop-up warns that the program can read and change both your browsing history and your data on the sites you visit. On top of that, the pop-up warns that your search settings will be changed to Needless to say, we recommend removing Sport Score due to this activity, and we discuss this in the report.testtesttest

How does Sport Score work?

The suspicious Sport Score might have over 10 thousand users, but the feedback this program has received from users is all negative. The biggest concern for users is that this program does not work, and, of course, this is the main reason why they choose to delete this suspicious, potentially unwanted program from their computers. Unfortunately, there are other reasons to delete this PUP from your PC. For one, you do not want any suspicious programs modifying your browsing history or analyzing it for the purpose of marketing. As the Privacy Policy reveals, Sport Score allows undisclosed parties to deliver advertising to you. Can these parties be trusted? Just because they are unfamiliar, we cannot say that they are worthy of your trust. In fact, considering that the services of the PUP are useless, it is possible that it simply serves as an advertising platform, and its developer has never had the intention of it being useful. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ad-supported programs like this one, and this is one of the reasons why analyzing privacy policies of the programs you are unfamiliar with are very important.

Another reason to delete the PUP is the activation of This suspicious search tool actually redirects to by Resoft or by Linkury. These are the search engines you are likely to face as you open the New Tab (it might be set as the startup page) and use the default search engine. Neither of these search tools is trustworthy and, for example, is even capable of showing ads on its home page. If you use these search engines to look up information or sites, you will be exposed to sponsored links/advertisements as well. Regular search results will be shown, but ads will take the main spot. If you do not want to be exposed to modified results, these are not the search tools you can trust. If you end up interacting with the ads shown via them, you might be exposed to scams and unreliable websites, so be careful.

How to delete Sport Score

Sport Score is a suspicious extension that appears to have been created for two reasons, which are to show advertisements and to introduce you to an unreliable search provider that can expose you to ads as well. Most important, this program does not serve you in any beneficial manner, and you should not expect to see sports-related news if you download it. Our recommendation, of course, is to remove this unreliable, useless program from your Chrome browser, and it seems that you can easily erase it by eliminating the unwanted extension. We have created a guide below that will help you delete Sport Score, and we are certain that you will succeed with little effort. Note that if you have downloaded this potentially unwanted program bundled with other suspicious programs, you need to investigate them as well, even if they work as expected and seem reliable. If you discover any dangerous threats, quickly utilize a trusted anti-malware tool to have them eliminated automatically.

Removal Guide

  1. Launch the browser and tap Alt+F to access the Chrome menu.
  2. Select More tools for more options and then click Extensions.
  3. Identify the unwanted add-on and click the trash bin button next to it.
  4. Select Remove and then restart the browser.
  5. Download a reliable malware scanner and run a full system scan.
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