Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware

What is Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware?

Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware may not be a very wide-spread infection, but it can still do its job. Just seeing the word “ransomware” should be enough for you to understand that this program is out there to collect your money for a ransom. These programs usually hold personal files “hostage” and expect users to pay the release fee as soon as possible. Needless to say, paying the fee is never an option, and this program, in particular, does not even offer that. In this case, you need to remove Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware from your system without taking a single look back.

Where does Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware come from?

As it usually is with ransomware programs, we cannot tell exactly who created this application and who was the first to distribute it. Such obscure programs appear very often, and unless they manage to infect multiple systems around the world (like WannaCry Ransomware), eventually they fade out without too much research done on them.

What we do know about Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware is that this program is most probably just a test version of something bigger. Therefore, you have to be aware of the ways ransomware programs spread around if you want to avoid the advanced version of Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware in the future.

Our research shows that this infection employs the most common ransomware distribution methods. That would be spam email and unsafe Remote Desktop Protocol clients. We receive spam every single day, but most of them land in the Junk box. On the other hand, spam email messages that distribute ransomware might be more sophisticated. Also, certain email service providers may not filter all the spam properly. Thus, sometimes it is not surprising to find messages that deliver Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware to your computer in your main inbox.

Of course, you can easily choose to ignore the message, but a lot of users end up opening them because of their subjects. Sometimes these mails look like reliable notifications from financial institutions, and users feel inclined to check out the files they bring because they look like important documents. However, before you open any of these files, please remember that you can scan them with a security tool of your choice. If the files are malicious, you will be notified immediately, and you will be able to avoid the infection.

What does Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware do?

Technically, this program behaves just like any other ransomware program out there. We know that it is written in the PERL programming language, and we can expect that the next program that will be released after this one will be written in the same language, too.

Of course, it does not say much to a regular user who simply wants to remove Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware from their system as soon as possible. Perhaps it is far more important to mention (again) that this program is more like a test run before a far bigger threat is released in the future.

Right now, once Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware enters the target system, it launches file encryption that affects files in the %USERPROFILE% directory. In other words, it affects the default system folders that are intended for personal files (like My Documents, My Pictures, and so on).

Once the encryption is complete, the program appends ‘.enc’ to the file, but it does not change the original filename. Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware also does not have a ransom note, but the information is delivered in two separate textboxes that say the following:

All your files are belong to me!!!
You persn foolish, all youre files have i encrypted and you must pay NOW!
If you dont youfle be gone forever
You must pay now my bitcoin address $500 dollars usd cash.
You will never ever see your files again if you do not pay.

Please do not let this message intimidate you. You have to close the text boxes and get rid of Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware today.

How do I remove Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware?

This program does not create any point of execution, so you just need to remove the file that launched the infection. After that, you can delete the encrypted files and transfer healthy copies of your data from an external hard drive back into your computer.

Manual Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware Removal

  1. Go to your Downloads folder.
  2. Delete the most recently downloaded files.
  3. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  4. Delete the most recent files.
  5. Remove the most recent files from your Desktop.
  6. Scan your computer with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Spiteful Doubletake Ransomware*

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