Spider Sally Ads

What is Spider Sally Ads?

If you are worried about various advertisements with the text Spider Sally Ads, that means that your Chrome browser contains the Spider Sally browser extension, which is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This browser extension is promoted in Google Web Store, which, unfortunately, is not the only source of the program. The Spider Sally extension might be also distributed as a bundle file, the use of which usually ends with the installation of unwanted programs. Spider Sally ads are displayed by third parties, and the developers of this extension do not accept responsibility for your interaction with third-party advertisements, which vary in size, type, and content. The Spider Sally extension should be removed from the browser to minimize the risk of getting the computer infected, and, if you are still wondering whether to remove the extension or not, we invite you to continue reading to learn more about this PUP.testtest

How does Spider Sally work?

On the official website spidersally.com, the extension is presented as a tool that enables you to play games and also search for free ones. On installation, Spider Sally changes the home page and new tabs to home.spidersally.com, which, when in use, delivers Google search results. Unlike other extensions classified as PUPs, Spider Sally does not display modified search results. However, that does not mean that this application is as useful as you would like it to be. Due to the fact that this extension is a free product, it is supported by third parties that are enabled to integrate their content in order to enhance your experience. Third-party content includes a variety of elements, such as promotions, offers, sounds, videos, etc. If you choose to use the extension's search box,  you will be provided with advertising-supported content, the interaction with which is your own responsibility. We strongly advise you to be aware of potential online threats since there are thousands of malicious websites aimed at deceiving you. Pop-up advertisements, including various Spider Sally ads, are one of the means to drive more traffic to various websites, so you should ready to encounter deceptive advertisements.

Spider Sally also collects non-personally identifiable information about the computer and your browsing behavior. Such information includes IP address, browser type, search time, URLs visited, and some other details. Personally identifiable information is said to be recorded only when you contact the representatives of Spider Sally and voluntarily give them some details about yourself. However, you should be also aware of third-parties associated with this browser extension. If, for example, a Spider Sally ad takes you to fraudulent website aimed at installing malware on your PC or obtaining valuable information from you, you are likely to experience some security and privacy-related issues. Third parties might used various tracking techniques to get information about your habits or even identity, which is why it is so important to stay away from Spider Sally ads. Whenever you notice that something has changed on your browser, it is worth taking measures to find the culprit, which is very often so-called potentially unwanted programs or adware.  Some of the advertisements labelled Spider Sally ads might be in some way related to website of  unsavory reputation, so you should take action to get rid of those ads for good.

As to the search engine, the start-up page set by the browser extension offers you quick links to Wikipedia, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, and some other popular websites. No other significantly different features of the home page, compared to other search engines, are present. As a result, the changes made on the browser might not be noticed immediately after installing the Spider Sally extension. If you want to be sure that no questionable third parties have accessed your PC since the installation of Spider Sally, you should run a full system scan using a reputable security program.

How to remove Spider Sally ads?

Spider Sally ads can be eliminated from your browser by removing the Spider Sally extension. Our brief removal guide below will guide you through the removal process, which you carry out at your own risk. In case you are willing to try out a malware removal tool, we suggest using our recommend anti-malware application, which will easily terminate Spider Sally ads and other malicious files and programs. There are multiple software programs that get installed unnoticed, especially if you like trying out various programs downloaded from freeware sharing websites. Keep the operating system protected from various types of malware is one of the major preventative measures which you should consider if you want to browse the Internet safely.

Remove Spider Sally ads

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click the three dots in the top right.
  3. Select More tools and click Extension.
  4. Remove the unwanted extension. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Spider Sally Ads*

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