What is SoftStronghold?

SoftStronghold or Soft Strong hold is phony security software, doing what it was designed to do – scam! The main aim of SoftStronghold is no different to that of any other rogue application, to dupe and coerce computer users into purchasing the full version of SoftStronghold. Being associated with other rogue applications, the likes of Winifamily, this misleading application behaves quite similarly to other rogue programs. SoftStronghold makes use of fake warning notifications and system alert messages to convince the system user of foul play within the system. Usually the SoftStronghold system alerts will warn the computer user of spyware or malware infections being present =- when in actuality – there are none whatsoever… as soon as the user downloads and installs the full version of this application, that is when all the problems begin. If anything – remember only this: SoftStronghold is NOT an effective and legitimate security program nor is it able to detect and remove computer parasites.

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