What is SmartPCFix?

If you think that SmartPCFix will scan your PC and warn you about realistic threats – you are wrong. The supposedly beneficial system optimizer is completely useless when it comes to spyware detection and removal, which is why you should not pay money for its licensed version. The application is very similar to the previously reported PC MightyMax, as it is not a fake tool but it does not work reliably. All in all, even though the program may detect some issues, it certainly should not be trusted. It is possible that the optimizer will attempt to delete authentic, harmless files and will overlook serious system issues. Please continue reading to learn more about SmartPCFix removal.

How does SmartPCFix act?

In the official page of the suspicious tool it is stated that the application can scan the computer for unnecessary registry and junk files. The scan is available free-of-charge; however, you should not trust the provided results as this is how schemers will push you into purchasing its full version. Have no doubts that the tool will not provide you with reliable services, speed up the computer or increase computer stability. On the contrary, it is likely that your computer will slow down, and you will be bombarded with irritating error messages asking you to delete allegedly dangerous components.testtesttesttesttest

The interface of SmartPCFix looks highly professional and you are presented with such services as Registry Cleaner, Windows Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, Trace Cleaner and RAM Cleaner. Once you scan your computer and thousands of alleged issues are found for removal, you are asked to click a Repair button. Then you are routed to yet another page where you are asked to Upgrade & Repair. This routes you to a purchase page where you are asked to share your name, address, email, credit card information, and pay 29.95 USD for the supposedly useful spyware removal tool.

How to remove SmartPCFix?

The tool is neither useful nor beneficial; therefore, there is no point in wasting your savings on it. If you wish to keep the computer running smoothly, you should delete the unwanted program and install a reliable, authentic Windows security tool. To remove SmartPCFix and to keep the system running securely, researchers recommend installing SpyHunter. This tool can detect and delete all dangerous computer threats and potentially unwanted programs, and you can install it by clicking on the download button.

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