Smart Antivirus 2009

What is Smart Antivirus 2009?

Smart Antivirus 2009 is a fake spyware remover (related to MS Antivirus 2008) and copy of XPAntivirus and WinAntivirusPro. Smart Antivirus 2009 may have leaped into your computer with the help of Trojan Zlob or you may have been infected while visiting a domain related to the rogue. Once you're infected, Smart Antivirus 2009 may flood your system with an exaggerated amount of system notifications and error messages stating that you're infected with spyware. Although Smart Antivirus 2009 is not able to detect or remove spyware, some of Smart Antivirus 2009's messages may be real since Smart Antivirus 2009 may damage Windows operating system.

Smart Antivirus 2009's messages are part of its tactics to scare you and push you into buying it's full program. If you innocently click on a popup, you'll be redirected to Smart Antivirus 2009's website (, or other rogue website, where it will try to convince you to buy the Smart Antivirus 2009's commercial version for $50. Smart Antivirus 2009's messages will continue appearing unless you purchase the full Smart Antivirus 2009 program or remove Smart Antivirus 2009 (the actual threat). Smart Antivirus 2009 may also use it's fake online malware scanner to imitate a real scanning process and then, give a list spyware that supposedly your computer is infected with.

Furthermore, Smart Antivirus 2009 may change your desktop background to a fake security alert and disable your access to your display properties. Smart Antivirus 2009 may also attempt to run automatically every time your system boots. Furthermore, Smart Antivirus 2009 may cause your computer to slow down and install additional malwares.

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  1. Thank you for your help, I was having some serious trouble with this virus and other spyware removers weren\'t doing it for me. I think the problem was the registry infection, it changed all my settings. Everything is back to normal now!

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