What is SiteAdware?

SiteAdware is a very fake as well as extremely harmful application. Its main goal is to trick users into purchasing the full version, just like all of its previous versions. The fundamental aspect is that SiteAdware or Site Adware performs the actions of a real security software system. This means that everything which SiteAdware does is actually fake but looks very real. As you can imagine this will cause you many unwanted computer problems.SiteAdware may gain access to your computer system, while you are busy surfing the internet. It may make use of various Trojan in order to download onto your machine. It is imperative to understand that may try to make you buy the full SiteAdware version which doesn't exist. You will only end up parting with your hard earned money and getting nothing back in return except computer problems and your privacy being invaded all because of SiteAdware. Remove it now!

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