Sinergia Cleaner

What is Sinergia Cleaner?

Sinergia Cleaner is a fictitious anti-spyware program which can block access to the computer based on the allegedly attacking computer infections. In reality, all of the threats listed by the scanner linked to the fake AV tool do not exist on your personal computer and access to the web has been restricted illegally. The schemers behind the rogue have employed these tricks to convince you to purchase the full-version of the program which allegedly can detect and remove computer infections. If you spend your money on the fictional Windows security application, it is possible that you will not be able to retrieve it. If you do not delete Sinergia Cleaner from the system in time, it is most likely that cyber criminals will expose security backdoors and invite other dangerous and clandestine computer threats.

How does Sinergia Cleaner act?

Researchers at have analyzed the rogue anti-spyware thoroughly and have revealed that the infection is loaded using only one file. This does not mean that soon enough your PC will not be infected with tens of other malicious components. Even other WinWebSec family infections (e.g. Antivirus Defence, Antivirus Security Pro) could be dropped onto the computer. It has also been revealed that the element blocks Task Manager so that you could not terminate malicious processes supporting the rogue. Without a doubt this might create serious issues if you wish to remove Sinergia Cleaner manually. There is a way to restore access to this Windows Utility, and all you have to do is enter a special license key (hello) into the appropriate area for allegedly registered rogue’s users.testtesttest 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Even though malware researchers can spot rogue software almost immediately, less experienced Windows users may struggle linking Sinergia Cleaner to schemers. The interface of the rogue suggests that it is part of the operating Windows system due to the Windows logo attached. Needless to say, this is just a trick. Therefore, you should pay no attention to the scanner, Firewall, Configuration, Internet Security and other listed utilities. You definitely should not click ‘Remove Infected’ or ‘Clear’ buttons because they will route you to the purchase page of the fictitious application. Have no doubt that you should not pay the requested $99.90 for the completely useless tool, even if such intimidating alerts and pop-ups indicate that you should:

Warning! 13 infections found!
During the last scan malicious programs were detected.
It is strongly recommended that you clear your computer form all the threads immediately

Note: Windows has detected an unregistered version of Sinergia Cleaner.

Automatic Sinergia Cleaner Removal

The sooner you delete Sinergia Cleaner from the operating Windows system the better. If you just turn of the computer expecting that the threat will remove itself, you will be disappointed. As mentioned before, if you do not remove the threat from the computer timely, other clandestine infections could be infiltrated without your knowledge or consent. In fact, other malware could already be running on the system because rogues are often infiltrated by existing Trojans. In order to remove all potentially existing threats we recommend utilizing automatic malware detection and removal software:

  1. Activate the aforementioned licensed key: hello.
  2. Visit .
  3. Download the automatic malware remover.
  4. Install the tool and use it to delete existing threats.

Manual Sinergia Cleaner Removal

Expert Windows users who know how to discover and delete malicious computer infections manually can use the instructions presented below. If you are not experienced, by performing the represented steps you could be putting your entire Windows system in danger. In this case automatic removal is a better choice.

Open the Task Manager and kill these processes:


Access the Windows Registry and delete these entries:

Locate and remove malicious files related to the rogue:

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