Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button

What is Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button?

Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button is a very simple  browser application for the Chrome browser allowing you to restore your closed tabs. This browser extension has its official website and is also promoted in the Chrome Web Store; however, the extension falls to the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUP), which also means that it can access a computer as an additional program alongside other programs. Usually such installation happens when a user disregards the information displayed by the installer and carelessly agrees with all the terms displayed without paying attention to the details. Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button is a program that can be removed from your PC by our recommended security tool. If you have recently noticed this button and want to remove it straight away, scroll down to the end of the review to find a removal guide.testtesttest

How does Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button spread?

The Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button extension has its official website where you will find a download button and some basic features of the application. This extension is also available in the Chrome Web store, where even less information about the product is given. Even though Google is doing their best to provide their users with the best services and products possible, it is important to be aware of potential dangers even on the seemingly reliable website. If you find a program that you would like to try out, do not hurry to install it without doing some research on it. Moreover, you should also avoid downloading software from other freeware sharing websites and networks. This type of software acquisition might end up with malware installation because software developers seek to spread their products as much as they can, which means that their software, very often ad-supported programs, can be bundled with reliable and safe programs. For this reason, it is highly advisable to have a professional security program that can identify unreliable programs.

For example, it has been identified that is among the domains related to browser hijacking. The majority of the associated domain names are related to restoring or reloading closed tabs, including,,,, and some others. If you ever access a similar domain encouraging you to install a Chrome extension that allows you to restore closed tabs, you should not hurry to accept the offer. It is possible to restore the most recently closed tabs in the Chrome browser by right-clicking on the tab bar and selecting the Reopen closed tab option. It is also possible to use the command Ctrl+Shift+T, which can be used repeatedly to open previously closed tabs one after another in the order they were closed.

Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button may collect information related to your online behavior, including your search terms and the links clicked on. Moreover, some information about you may be collected from social media websites and shared with third parties to provide you with targeted advertisements. Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button does not seek to determine your identity, but the information about you  is likely to be used for marketing purposes, which is why you may like to remove Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button from your browser for good. In case you are faced with third-party ads displayed by Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button, bear in mind that you interact with them at your own risk. Those ads are owned and controlled by separate terms, so you should keep in mind that some of them might be aimed at deceiving you.

How to remove Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button?

Our instructions below will help you remove Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button from the Chrome browser, but you should not forget that your system needs professional protection from different types of threats, including Trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, etc. If you do not keep your OS protected, removing the unwanted browser application will not protect you but only slightly reduce the risk of becoming affected by fraudulent programs.

Remove Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button

  1. Click the three dots in the right corner of the browser.
  2. Click More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Remove the unwanted extension. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Simple Restore Closed Tabs Button*

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