SIGARETA Ransomware

What is SIGARETA Ransomware?

SIGARETA Ransomware is a malicious computer infection that will not let you live. Like most of the other ransomware programs, this infection is there to rip you off. The program will demand that you pay a ransom fee in order to get your files back. Computer security experts always emphasize that you shouldn’t pay the ransom because it only encourages these infections to replicate. Instead, you need to focus on removing SIGARETA Ransomware from your system, and then look for ways to restore your files. Please note that there is always a possibility that you will have to start building your file library anew.testtest

Where does SIGARETA Ransomware come from?

Our research suggests that this program belongs to the NEFILIM Ransomware family. It means that similar infections were released before, and it is also very likely that the new infection is just a variation of the previous program.

On the other hand, that doesn’t help us much with the file recovery. Ransomware programs employ unique encryption keys even if they come from the same family. Hence, even if there were a public decryption tool available for NEFILIM Ransomware, it probably wouldn’t work on SIGARETA Ransomware. As it is, there is no public decryption tool available, and we have to pay a lot of attention to ransomware prevention because sometimes it might not be possible to restore the affected files.

To invest in prevention, we have to learn more about ransomware distribution tactics. Our research team suggests that SIGARETA Ransomware probably travels through unsecured RDP connections. This also allows us to assume that most of the ransomware attacks have clear targets and probably are not carried out at random.

Hence, if you receive files from unknown senders via the Remote Desktop Protocol, you should double-check whether the files are reliable. Even if you receive a file from someone you DO know, if the message seems random, you should clearly scan the received file with a security tool before you open it. It’s just better to be safe than sorry.

What does SIGARETA Ransomware do?

There isn’t anything unique about SIGARETA Ransomware because this program works just like any other ransomware infection that enters its victim’s system. The program can scan the entire computer looking for the file types it can encrypt, and all the encrypted files will receive the SIGARETA extension, added to their filenames.

As usual, we always emphasize that you don’t need this extension to figure out that something is really off. After all, once the encryption is complete, your system can no longer read your files, and so all the file icons turn into blank papers. That should be enough of an indicator that someone tampered with your data.

However, if that’s not enough, there’s always the ransom note that is dropped in every single directory with the encrypted files. Here’s an extract from the said note:

Two things have happened to your company.
All of your files have been encrypted with military grade algorithms.
The only way to retrieve your data is with our software.
Restoration of your data requires a private key which only we possess.
We will make sure you retrieve your data swiftly and securely and that your data is not leaked when your demands are met.
If we do not come to an agreement your data will be leaked on this website.

As you can see, SIGARETA Ransomware says that it can restore your data if you follow the instructions. However, we would strongly recommend against contacting these criminals and transferring the ransom. In fact, if you have a file backup, there is no need to engage in any kind of communication with these criminals. Simply scroll down for the manual removal instructions and get rid of SIGARETA Ransomware right now.

How do I remove SIGARETA Ransomware?

You have to delete the file that launched the infection along with the desktop background picture. Afterward, don’t forget to scan your computer with a security tool that will locate other potentially harmful files. Sometimes you might miss dangerous files when you clean your system, so it would be a good idea to rely on a powerful security application. It would also help you protect your PC from other threats in the future.

Manual SIGARETA Ransomware Removal

  1. Delete the most recent files from Desktop.
  2. Delete the most recent files from the Downloads folder.
  3. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  4. Delete the most recent files from the directory.
  5. Run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of SIGARETA Ransomware*

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