Shurl0ckr Ransomware

What is Shurl0ckr Ransomware?

Shurl0ckr Ransomware is a new danger that can come in different forms. According to our malware specialists at, this malicious program is a so-called RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) that is sold on the dark web.  Since this ransomware can be customized a bit, well, at least, the ransom fee can, there could be several different versions spreading. This new threat is suspected to be a new strain of Gojdue Ransomware. The authors demand a 10% commission from the paid ransoms. You can simply fill out a quick form and you would get your version of the ransomware right away. Well, hopefully, you would not try any of this yourself, but this is what cyber villain wannabees and hackers may do. If you are hit by this dangerous infection, we do not advise you to pay the ransom since there is no guarantee that you will get the decryptor anyway. We recommend that you remove Shurl0ckr Ransomware from your system immediately.testtest

Where does Shurl0ckr Ransomware come from?

We have found that this ransomware mostly infects victims via drive-by downloads. This means that you may land on a malicious page while browsing the web, and this page may run malicious code in the background that triggers that drop of this infection. Such a malicious attack can only happen if your browsers, your drivers (Java, Flash, or Silverlight) are out of date. Drive-by downloads mean that you visit a malicious page that you do not intend and drop infections in the background without even accepting a software download or clicking on any content on the page. Cyber criminals can use malicious code or Exploit Kits to take advantage of outdated software security bugs since these can enable them to infect unsuspecting users. Unfortunately, still a lot of computer users do not take updating seriously enough. But, if you want to avoid such malicious cyber attacks, you need to keep all your programs, including your operating system, always up-to-date. It is also advisable to install a reliable anti-malware security program to provide the best possible protection for your PC.

They cyber villains my also use phishing as a method to drop this malware infection on your system. You may get a spam e-mail, for example, claiming that a parcel could not be delivered to you and you need to confirm your credit card details. This is even more common around the Valentine's Day hype when cyber criminals target lovers with all kinds of tricky spam mails. You need to be very careful around your mails because opening such a spam can easily infect your with such a dangerous threat that, in the end, can encrypt all your important files. Of course, in most cases, you also need to click to view the attached file or a link in the body. Please remember that usually it is not possible to delete Shurl0ckr Ransomware or most other ransomware infections without losing your files to encryption unless you have a backup.

How does Shurl0ckr Ransomware work?

This ransomware targets the usual popular file extensions; therefore, you can easily lose all your photos, videos, music files, documents, and archives as well in this malicious attack. You can see the extent of the damage if you list all files with ".cypher" extension, which is used by this malware infection. After the encryption is done, it creates an .html file called "HOW_TO_DECRYPT_FILES.html" on your desktop, which is the ransom note.

If you run this file, you will find that you have to pay from 0.01 BTC to 1 BTC (around 99 USD to 9,900 USD), depending on the greed of your attackers. Once you payment is confirmed, you can allegedly download the decryptor tool. However, experience shows that there is little chance that these criminals will actually send you anything or let you download the only tool that could recover your files. Thus, we recommend that you remove Shurl0ckr Ransomware from your computer right away.

How can I delete Shurl0ckr Ransomware?

If you want to eliminate this dangerous threat manually, you can follow our instructions below. All you need to do is practically delete the related malicious files. If you do not trust your IT skills and would also like to defend your system against future malicious attacks, we suggest that you install a trustworthy anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter.

Remove Shurl0ckr Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Win+E to open File Explorer.
  2. Locate the downloaded malicious executable and delete it.
  3. Delete the ransom note ("HOW_TO_DECRYPT_FILES.html") from your desktop.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  5. Restart your computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Shurl0ckr Ransomware*

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